Nearly Half of Game of Thrones Leaked

    Christmas came a little too early for us Game of Thrones fans, as the first four episodes have been leaked simultaneously. Given the name as “one of the most pirated shows on TV”, we would not be too surprised if there was a leak on episodes.

    The copies were first spotted on the private torrent tracker last two days ago, but a few hours later, the files had landed to famous torrent download sites such as, The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents. According to Torrent Freak, within just three hours of being leaked, the episodes were download more then 100,000 times, and that number jumped up to over a million later that day.

    Of course, this is an unfortunate news of HBO. The network carefully synced the release of their new standalone streaming, HBO NOW (exclusive to Apple TV). This means they will have low sales on the subscription, sorry Apple TV users.

    It is not yet clear if this will affect HBO’s distribution strategy of the series, but if it were me, I suggest releasing the remaining episodes to avoid spoilers. Hurray for leaks!

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