The ultimate destruction/physics puzzler game is now available. Besiege, from Spiderling Games is not your ordinary puzzler game; this time around you have to build machines of destruction to be able to accomplish the tasks given to you by each stage.

The game hands you all the essentials you need to pass through each levels this includes the freedom to create your very own machine of destruction. No cash, or limited resources, it is just the use of one’s brain and physics that will limit you in this game.

Watch the Alpha trailer here:

For starters, you have your wooden blocks for your base; and even compound tools like steering hinges for control and propellers for flight. There are stages where there would be archers and spearmen that would come your way to destroy your beautifully built behemoth of a machine; so weapons like circular saws, metal blades and spikes are available. Flamethrowers, spiked balls are also available for ready projectiles for walls and towers. Metal armors for wheels and your main machine are the best way to avoid being destroyed by counter attacks. Your understanding of simple machines and tools; as well as your knowledge in physics will go a long way on this game.

Ipsilon Map available on Alpha Phase of Besiege

The game itself is pretty simple; you have a stage, there is an objective which involves getting from one place to another, destroying a specific building or killing all enemies. The part where the challenge comes in is how you would do this and finish a level. Some levels are easy where you would just need to ram a building to advance, but some would require a more complicated machine like destroying a tower wherein the exact distance and lift of a catapult of your design should be precise; otherwise, you would not be able to finish the stage and could not advance to the next level. Again, the understanding on simple tools will get you far, how hinges, springs work is an important part of the game. Having only muscles to finish the game would just not cut it.

Flamethrowers in action!

The graphical interface is beautiful, although simple; you get all the fun and excitement. All angles are fairly visible so crafting machines are easy and clean; you don’t have to worry if a specific part is not connected to a specific part because if you hit play and they are not connected, your whole machine would come crumbling down. Once you hit play, the animations are superb with no lags or broken parts; everything is beautiful this includes the chickens and the goats that are on respective stages. Tress, grass and other objects in levels are cute and well drawn. Audio is pretty straight forward, meaning that what you see is what you get. You’ll get all the audio effects of your machine  that you might hear in an actual machine, be it a killing machine with all the circular saws around it, or a cannon-driven war machine, you’ll be surprised on how the audio blends well with the physics.

Although not yet on its final stage; Besiege is already an interesting game. Even on its Alpha stage, it has all the tools you need for a great game. You could even make your machine indestructible on the options; immediately take a screenshot to share with your friends; and lit everything on fire with just one click away. The machines you have made could be save for future use or improvement. Again, graphics are incredibly outstanding; physics are pretty much spot on; and the gameplay is surprisingly enjoyable. You will find yourself playing the game and thinking by yourselves for hours. If you’re into challenging simple puzzle games and has a knack for challenge this game pretty much sums what you enjoy in life. We are excited on how the complete game will offer after it goes out of Alpha phase.

Besiege is already available in Steam for 229.95Php.

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