Get Battle Realms for Free in GOG.com’s Summer Sale

    GOG.com is now having its DRM-Free Summer Sale (#DealOverload) and they are starting it with something FREE! Yep, you read that right, free is the real deal here. Battle Realms + Winter of The Wolf, the old medieval Japanese-themed strategy game that we all love and remember is up for grabs in exchange for essentially nothing. Another game will come up and offered once every 48 hours.


    Aside from this cool giveaway, GOG.com is also selling DRM-Free games, a.k.a. play without internet connections and other frustrating anti-piracy measures, at very tempting price points. They’re also rotating games that are on sale so better watch out for that coveted sweet deal.

    Oh, they’re also having a promo in which users, the more they spend on buying games, can get up to three games for free. Games such as SimCity 2000, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, and Xenonauts, are available once the purchaser spends $1, $20, and $50 respectively, in their summer event.

    Here’s a tip for those looking to take advantage of these sweet deals: install GoG Galaxy, it’s certain to help.

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