Get random fights in an instant with Rumblr – Hungry Geeks

Dating apps like Tinder are getting more and more popular. But dating is not for everyone. Love isn’t something universal – that’s why some people prefer using a new app called Rumblr.

Rather than giving helping you find “The One”, Rumblr is used to set up fist fights with total strangers – ala Fight Club. Rumblr wants recreational fighters to find, meet and fight other brawl enthusiasts nearby.

It also has a nice nifty feature Rumblr explore; this could be access by anyone to attend fights and watch back alley brawls for free. The app is also complete with a chat tool, a mapping feature to show where and fights will be located, you may also filter for girl fights and even gang fights.

This is truly a Tinder of fighting.

Rumblr, unfortunately is not launched yet. Although you may choose to sign up hoping it would be released on iOS and Android platforms. They have promised to give away 2000 beta entries.



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