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If you are considering the LG G6 recently, then you might want to consider Globe’s offer of the handset in their ThePLAN postpaid plans. As always, we give the breakdown of their cost in postpaid so you won’t have to anymore, and we found an interesting point for you to consider.

Similar in how Huawei implemented their postpaid plans, the LG G6 is quite affordable and near-SRP when you get the handset via Globe. As you can see the for LG G6, you can get it for a total cost of Php38,376 when you get it via postpaid plan 599 with an additional Php1,000 phone monthly. That’s just 376 pesos shy from the Php37,990 SRP and you get 1.5GB data monthly with 150 all net text and 150 mins of calls to Globe and TM.

Of course, you can choose to go for higher plans to avoid the inconvenience of loading up for additional data allocation. The best offer would be the Plan 1499 with additional 600 pesos monthly for the phone, it would translate to Php2,099 for 24 months or Php50,376 total cost of ownership.

Plan 1299 and above It even comes with Globe’s standard bundle of 6 months Netflix, HOOQ, 3 months Spotify, and 1-month gadget care that is around 4 thousand pesos in value. So it’s a nice offering from Globe should you need to replace your phone now.

Just remember, 1st-time postpaid plan owners would need a credit card to avail the 24 months payment of the phone while contracting customers can simply pay the deferred payment via their postpaid bill.

So that’s it, the LG G6 is a much-welcomed sight for the lineup of postpaid plans and hopefully, the plans would be competitive enough for it to sell. You can check out the online shop of Globe for a full view of their offering.

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