Get tons of freebies with ASUS’ back to school promo

    Level up your school experience with ASUS’ back to school promotion. ASUS notebooks and ROG gaming laptops will end their promotion until July 15, 2018 while all-in-one desktops will last until July 30, 2018.

    ASUS is offering pretty much everything in their inventory. Since there are too many models to list manually, we’ve made your life easier by including a table that includes the model name, price, as well as the freebies you can get with the purchase.

    ASUS ZenBook, VivoBook, and mainstream laptops

    Select ZenBook and VivoBook series can net you between PhP 500 to PhP 3,000 Forever 21 gift certificate, accessories worth PhP 1,500, and a NEREUS bag worth PhP 2,995. For other mainstream notebooks, customers can get an ASUS EOS bag worth PhP 2,995.

    Model Name (Model No.)
    UX490UAR-BE082T 109,995.00
    UX490UAR-BE087T 99,995.00
    UX370UA-C4195T (Stylus) 89,995.00
    UX561UD-BO033T (GREY) 79,995.00
    UX561UN-BO013T (GREY) 69,995.00
    UX430UN-GV039T 64,995.00
    UX430UN-GV038T 64,995.00
    UX331UAL-EG004T (Blue) 62,995.00
    UX331UAL-EG094T (Rose Gold) 62,995.00
    UX331UN-EG006T (Blue) 59,995.00
    UX331UAL-EG003T (Blue) 56,995.00
    UX331UAL-EG010T (Rose Gold) 56,995.00
    UX430UN-GV036T 54,995.00
    UX430UN-GV037T 54,995.00
    TP510UQ-E8031T 59,995.00
    TP401CA-EC009T with Pen 39,995.00
    S510UN-BQ106T 64,995.00
    S510UN-BQ069T (Gold) 60,995.00
    S510UN-BQ149T (Grey) 60,995.00
    S510UN-BQ114T (Gold) 58,995.00
    S510UN-BQ121T (Grey) 58,995.00
    S410UN-EB143T (Gold) 57,995.00
    S410UN-EB042T (Grey) 57,995.00
    S510UN-BQ052T (Gold) 54,995.00
    S510UN-BQ255T (Grey) 54,995.00
    S410UN-EB157T (Grey) 49,995.00
    S510UN-BQ387T (Gold) 48,995.00
    S510UN-BQ180T (Grey) 48,995.00
    S510UN-BQ113T (Gold) 46,995.00
    S510UN-BQ305T (Grey) 46,995.00
    S410UN-EB177T (Gold) 45,995.00
    S410UN-EB192T (Grey) 45,995.00
    S510UN-BQ178T (Grey) 41,995.00
    S410UN-EB154T (Grey) 41,995.00
    X510UF-BQ245T (Gold) 47,995.00
    X510UF-BQ244T (Grey) 47,995.00
    X510UF-BQ246T (Gold) 40,995.00
    X510UF-BQ247T (Grey) 40,995.00
    X411UF-EB107T (Grey) 39,995.00
    X411UF-EB108T (Gold) 39,995.00
    X560UD-BQ011T 47,995.00
    X505ZA-BQ033T 49,995.00
    X505ZA-BQ035T 41,995.00
    X505ZA-BQ034T 33,995.00
    X510UQ-BQ361T 32,995.00
    X542UN-DM039T (GREY) 45,995.00
    X542UN-DM097T (GREY) 39,995.00
    X442UF-FA003T (Grey) 38,995.00
    X442UF-FA004T (Gold) 38,995.00
    X542UQ-DM232T (GREY) 36,995.00
    X442UQ-FA049T (GREY) 35,995.00
    X442UQ-FA050T (GOLD) 35,995.00
    X540UB-GQ011T (Black) 29,995.00
    X540UP-DM116T (NO ODD) 29,995.00
    X507UB-BR182T (Grey) 29,995.00
    X507UB-BR183T (Gold) 29,995.00
    X507UA-BR174T (Grey) 27,995.00
    X507UA-BR175T (Gold) 27,995.00
    X407UA-BV110T (Grey) 27,995.00
    X407UA-BV133T (Gold) 27,995.00
    X540UA-GQ002T (NO ODD) 25,995.00
    X555BP-XO138T (NO ODD) 23,995.00
    X507MA-BR076T (Grey) 20,995.00
    X507MA-BR077T (Gold) 20,995.00
    X407MA-BV048T (Grey) 20,795.00
    X407MA-BV049T (Gold) 20,795.00
    X540NV-GQ002T (NO ODD) 19,995.00
    X507MA-BR010T (Gold) 18,995.00
    X507MA-BR011T (Grey) 18,995.00
    X407MA-BV002T (Grey) 18,795.00
    X407MA-BV003T (Gold) 18,795.00
    X541NA-GQ041T (Black) 18,495.00
    X541NA-GQ079T (Silver) 18,495.00
    E402NA-GA085T 18,495.00
    X540MA-GQ107T (Black) 17,995.00
    X441NA-GA038T (Black) 17,495.00
    X541NA-GQ213T (Silver) – NO ODD 17,295.00
    X541NA-GQ219T (Black) – NO ODD 17,295.00
    X540NA-GQ003T (NO ODD) 16,995.00
    E402NA-GA251T 15,495.00

    ASUS Republic of Gamers gaming notebooks

    There are five sets of freebies to be had when purchasing an ASUS ROG Notebook. Aside from your gaming machine, you can also get an ROG premium-branded G-Shock watch. Check out the table below for participating ROG models.

    Model Name (Model No.)
    GX800 369,995.00
    G703GI-E5077T 249,995.00
    G703GO-E5057T 229,995.00
    G703GI-E5006T 199,995.00
    GX501GI-EI004T 189,995.00
    G703GS-E5002T 169,995.00
    GM501GS-EI002T 149,995.00
    GM501GM-EI003T 119,995.00
    GL703GS-EP009T (SCAR) 139,995.00
    GL504GS-ES064T (SCAR) 129,995.00
    GL703VM-EE039T (SCAR) 109,995.00
    GL703GM-EP010T (SCAR) 109,995.00
    GL504GM-ES052T (HERO) 104,995.00
    GL503VM-FY048T 94,995.00
    GL703GE-EQ001T (SCAR) 84,995.00
    GL503GE-EN007T (SCAR) 81,995.00
    GL503GE-EN008T (HERO) 81,995.00
    GL703VD-EE035T (SCAR) 72,995.00
    GL503VD-GZ255T (HERO) 71,995.00
    GL503VD-ED277T (SCAR) 71,995.00
    GL703VD-GC042T 69,995.00
    GL503VD-FY093T 69,995.00
    GL503VD-FY005T NO ACC 53,995.00
    FX504GE-EN039T 72,995.00
    FX503VM-E4070T 69,995.00
    FX504GE-EN179T 69,995.00
    FX503VM-E4050T 62,995.00
    FX504GE-EN284T 56,995.00
    FX504GD-EN045T 56,995.00
    FX503VD-E4099T 49,995.00
    G21CN-PH006T WITH LIQUID COOLING 134,995.00
    GL12CM-PH014T 129,995.00
    G21CN-PH005T 117,995.00
    GL12CP-PH018T 99,995.00
    GL12CP-PH017T 89,995.00
    GL12CP-PH016T 55,995.00

    ASUS All-in-One PCs

    Like the their ZenBook series, getting an ASUS AiO can get you up to PhP 3,000 gift certificate for Forever21 when getting a Zen AiO or a ViVo AiO.

    Model Name (Model No.)
    ZN242IFGK-BA023T ₱            99,995
    ZN242IFGK-CA075T ₱            95,995
    V272UNK-BA011T ₱            71,995
    V272UNK-BA010T ₱            63,995
    V241ICGT-BA006T ₱            56,995

    Only participating authorized ASUS and ROG stores will honor the promotion. See the list below to see if there are any participating stores near your area:

    • ROG Concept Store, 4th Floor, Cyberzone, SM Megamall
    • ROG Concept Store, 4th Floor, SM North EDSA, Quezon City
    • ROG Concept Store, 2nd Floor, Cyberzone, SM Mall of Asia
    • ROG Concept Store, 2nd Floor, Cyberzone, SM City Cebu
    • Asus Concept Store, 3rd Floor, Cyberzone, SM Tuguegarao
    • Asus Concept Store, 4th Floor, SM North EDSA-Annex
    • Asus Concept Store, 3rd Floor, Cyberzone, SM Fairview
    • Asus Concept Store, 1st Floor, SM Cyberzone, SM Marikina
    • Asus Concept Store, SM City Bacolod, Negros Occidental
    • Asus Concept Store, SM Clark, Angeles City Pampanga
    • Asus Concept Store, SM Premier Lanang, Davao City
    • Asus Concept Store, D’ Mall Boracay, Malay, Aklan
    • Asus Concept Store, 3rd Floor, SM Cyberzone, SM IloIlo
    • Asus Concept Store, SM Premiere Downtown, CDO
    • Asus Concept Store, 3rd Floor, Festival Mall, Alabang
    • Asus Concept Store, 2nd Floor, Cyberzone, SM Cebu
    • Asus Concept Store, UGL Cyberzone, SM Mall of Asia
    • Asus Concept Store, Centrio Mall, Cagayan de Oro
    • Asus Concept Store, 2nd Floor Robinsons Tacloban
    • Asus Concept Store, 2nd Floor, KCC Mall Zamboanga
    • Asus Concept Store, SM City Sta. Mesa, San Juan City
    • Asus Concept Store, 4th Floor, Robinsons Ermita, Manila
    • Asus Concept Store, SM City Puerto Princesa, Malvar Rd.
    • Asus Concept Store, SM Cubao, Araneta Center
    • Asus Concept Store, SM Cabanatuan, Cabanatuan City
    • Asus Concept Store, 4th Floor, Cyberzone, SM Megamall

    You can also visit ASUS’ microsite about their back to school promotion to know more.