May 31st when the public page of Ernest Cu, the CEO of Globe Telecom, recently posted an installation of 5G equipment in their tower in Pasig City. June 3rd, 2019, Globe Telecom posted their first 5G at home customer from Pasig City is reaching almost 100Mbps fiber-like speed over fixed wireless setup.

Globe claims that Ms.Ricarte is the first customer to experience 5G at home in Southeast Asia, delivering to the promise of the company of providing 5G by Q2 2019.

In further checking the posts about the news shared by the page, we noticed that the official Globe Telecom page is replying to customer inquiries. One is the price point of the 5G internet asked by one of the curious customers.

Calling it “Globe at Home Air Fiber”, plans start at 1899 for 20Mbps, 2499 for 50Mbps, and 2899 for 100Mbps with a data cap of 2TB for all plans mentioned. Initially, their places for availability is Pasig, Bulacan, and Cavite.

Plan Speed Data Allocation
1899 20Mbps 2TB
2499 50Mbps
2899 100Mbps


We checked the Globe official website if there are any 5G plans are now available, but we weren’t able to see any as of this posting. But we notice this reply now given to customers interested in availing the new 5G plans.

In contrast, these plans are definitely much higher in speed, allocation, and price than the original Globe at Home Air Fiber plans launched last December 2018.