Globe announces Galaxy Note7 Pre-Order by August 6 – Hungry Geeks

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The newly announced Galaxy Note7 is seem on a role to catch the wave before any other brand comes into the scene. Globe Telecom just announced their Pre-Order for the new handset will be available starting August 6, 2016 until August 15, 2016.

The Galaxy Note7 will be available via the myLifestyle Postpaid plan of Globe. If we compare to last year’s Galaxy Note5, the phone was promoted to be available via Plan 999 + 800 cash out for a total of Php1,799 monthly.

Given that the Note7 is more expensive to its predecessor we estimate that the cost will be similar to this or even might retain to 1,799 monthly.

Pre-Order for the Note7 can be accessed via starting August 6, 2016. Right now the page isn’t live so it’s currently down, but expect to have pricing by August 6 most probably.




If you’re into diving deep in the latest Android N Developer Preview, you’ll see that there’s a code that is similar to Apple’s 3D…

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