If you’re working right now, you’ll keep on asking the questions like “I wish my company have better ____?”

But what if the limitation is already company culture? Right?

As a leader in sparking innovation for enterprises, Globe Business ignites the sensitive topic of transforming corporate culture as the next step in evolving businesses.

A highlight in the event was identifying culture is a crucial part of a business success. Peter Maquera, Globe Senior Vice President for Enterprise Group mentioned that “A strong culture that employees agree to uphold and care intensely about, can motivate them to achieve their specific performance goals and contribute to the company’s overall vision as well”

As weird as it may sound that Globe Business didn’t highlight a specific product, the company believes that this is the next step in transforming any other business as like what it did in the past years.

Overall, superior service and a sustainable competitive advantage are needed to be harness the next level organizations as highlighted by Ron Kaufman, Lead-in keynote speaker. Kaufan is one of the world’s leading educator and motivator for uplifting customer service and building service culture.

More than KPIs, targets and physical equipment, Globe Business urges businesses to look into bigger impact and continue to the development of the country. Furthermore, this is the next step in evolving businesses in their respective industries and to be adaptive in the fast-changing and unpredictable circumstances of today.

To know more what we are talking about, check out this cool video and you might even relate as it might be happening in your office.