Globe deploys 260,000 home broadband lines in 2016 – 2M by 2020 – Hungry Geeks

Last 2016, Globe announced their commitment in providing ultra-fast wired broadband connection to 2M homes nationwide by 2020. The goal is admirable as it aims to enable the Philippines with fast internet connection with the help of the government.

Starting 2017 with a great momentum, Globe announced that their wireline broadband network now serves 260,000 lines. At their rate of progress, their goal for 2017 of 400,000 ultra fast broadband connection is on-track and thus their goal of 2M lines by 2020 is looking good.

Globe also aims to deliver 10Mbps standard speed to all areas when implemented, as of now limited areas can now avail the new 10Mbps plans for as low as Php1,299 with even a free Google Chromecast for streaming.

Implementing a good wireline infrastructure is important as it balances the usage of customers for both wireless and wired network. By having a fast wireline connection, you can do more entertainment activities such video streaming, cloud storage and even intense work with the right upload speeds.

Globe also mentioned that they could have expanded faster had it not been for permitting and right of way challenges that telcos are always facing at the local government level.

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Globe broadband lines were initially rolled out in select areas in Quezon City, Cebu, Davao, Binondo, Manila and soon, in Cauayan City, Isabela, delivering three times the speed at three times the data allowance with low monthly charges.

Right now we are using the 15Mbps 150GB DSL plan for Php1599 which is stable and reliable, we often reach our cap of 150GB but it’s no problem as we’re only downgraded to 5Mbps speed until our next cycle or if we avail more data.

The only dilemma we are encountering now is that the DSL’s old upload standard of 1Mbps can’t longer support our needs properly and a Fiber data line is much needed. But it’s just a matter of time now where Globe will be able to reach your house and provide fast internet connection.



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