Globe GOSURF50 now comes with 2GB data allocation until April 25

    Globe has announced that it will be increasing the data allocation of GOSURF50 for prepaid subscribers from 1GB to 2GB. This doubles the data allotment for subscribers allowing them to do work and keep in touch with loved ones during the enhanced community quarantine.

    via Globe Facebook page.

    Though the increased data allocation is great for these trying times, it is only temporary. Globe has mentioned that the allotment will only until April 25, 2020 well after that expected April 14 lift of the quarantine.

    Aside from raising the allocation for GOSURF50 to 2GB from its original 1GB, Globe has also increased data allotments for HOMESURF199 for Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi users. Postpaid users can also turn off their spending limit to use their plan even after their monthly limit has been reached.

    To register to Globe GOSURF50, dial *143# on your smartphone, go to Surfing then choose GOSURF. Alternatively, you can text GOSURF50 to 8080.

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