Globe offers better business opportunity with MyBusiness Wi-Fi Hub – Hungry Geeks

Every business owner knows that you have to elevate service to be ahead of the competition. We all research the best service possible and perks for our customers to eventually increase sales. One good service to offer is Wi-Fi to customers, but setting up password based access Wi-Fi is costly in equipment, requires good maintenance and needs proper knowledge.

Fortunately Globe telecom MyBusiness wants to set standard and enable business owners the luxury of offering Wi-Fi service for all. Their latest product of Wi-Fi Hub gives business owners a receipt printing Wi-Fi hub, this allows time based Wi-Fi access for customers to enjoy. Now the business owner has the freedom to provide the access for free as freebies to customers, or change per access for additional income.

The WiFi Hub is available for as low as Php1899 with 5mbps business line LTE or DSL, the Wi-Fi Printer Hub plus Unlimited Globe/TM and Landline Calls and dedicated after sales support. Pretty enticing especially if you still don’t have a reliable internet access with your business, its not only practical but also boosting opportunity to both business owners and customers. Existing MyBusiness plan owners can also avail the WiFi Printer Hub for Php299 per month in 24 months which is affordable and can simply earn back with the WiFi Hub’s potential.



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