Globe One can now modify your plan without calling, and we did it in 10 minutes


Globe recently launched its 100% contactless service to not just to check your postpaid plan, but now to even modify postpaid plans for both mobile and broadband subscribers of the network. Both the Globe One and Globe At Home App are interestingly powerful amid the pandemic where you don’t have to go to the network’s physical stores, or call to wait forever in their hotlines to pay or modify your plans.

So since we’re minimizing our trips outside our homes due to the quarantine, we thought of editing our postpaid plan to save money. Since we’re not using mobile data too much, and technically wasting money on precious data even with data-rollover implemented.

Since the pandemic, I’m just using 3-5GB of data per month on mobile and majorty are via our home’s 50Mbps VDSL Globe Broadband Plan. So we don’t really need to go all out on a postpaid plan right now, plus the majority of my contacts are via VOIP or messenger calls so we can technically save 500 pesos a month.

So we opened our Globe One app ad modified our current Plan 999 to a Plan PLUS 599

We modified our plan to become a pure surf pack having a GoSURF 299 + 1GB Facebook Access + 1GB addSURF to meet the 599 costs a month. We didn’t include any calls anymore since we just call 3-5 times a month and it could just be per minute charge and would still be cheaper than paying 299 a month for the call & text package.

You can confirm the new plan like online shopping that you need to checkout and proceed.

Once you have selected your plan whether upgrade or downgrade, the app will check your account if you are eligible to switch such as if you’re into a current plan lock-in, outstanding balances, or even concerns.

You will even get an OTP to fully confirm your plan change, so the whole procedure is also secured to have layers of security. If everything is ok, you will be alerted that the plan change is successful and you’ll be able to enjoy the new plan on your next plan cycle.

The modification of the plan took just less than 10 minutes and can save us around 400 pesos a month and no worries as the new plans are no-lockup. So we can, later on, upgrade again once our needs shoot up for mobile data or even upgrade on a 5G smartphone.

The new services are really nice, especially you don’t have to line up in Globe stores anymore to modify your plans, and lessening your time consumption and risk exposure outside. Unfortunately, this also generalizes even loyal customers to haggle such as 5-year old postpaid plan customers or more (Yes, there are ways to haggle if you’re a loyal customer) . So, this approach has its pros and cons indeed but we still believe its overall good given the timely manner it’s introduced now.

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