Globe shares tips on how you can fully utilize your home WiFi

With families usually sharing the same Internet connection at home, there is a need to properly setup your network in order for everyone to enjoy a pleasurable browsing experience be it for work, study, or entertainment. Here are just some tips from Globe that might just improve your Internet experience on your WiFi.

  • Pick a good spot for your modem/router. They should be placed in an open space of the house where it is free from any obstructions to maximize signal strength. Objects that emit electromagnetic waves such as washing machines, TVs, electric razors, and microwave ovens must be kept away in order to stop interfering with signals.
  • Bluetooth devices, baby monitors, walkie-talkies and other two-way radios must be turned off as they can interfere with WiFi signals and may disconnect you from the Internet.
  • Put a password on your WiFi to remove any potential “WiFi vampires” that might be taking advantage of your network.
  • Control bandwidth-consuming apps. Try to reduce usage or lower the consumption of bandwidth-heavy apps so you won’t experience any network slowdowns on your devices. Make sure that you only download from legitimate sources.
  • Experiencing inconsistent speeds? Try to reboot your router. Globe says that you should restart your router once a month in order to ensure good connectivity. You may also need to restart your device just in case.

There are physical limitations to the reach of your router’s WiFi signal. In order to have a more consistent Internet experience across the home, you might want to check out a WiFi mesh system. Devices like the TP-Link Deco M5 WiFi Mesh Devices can help widen home WiFi coverage to more areas in your home.

Fortunately, Globe is offering its customers to get these Mesh devices for free. New and existing customers of the Globe At Home Plan 2499 or up may avail of two units of TP-Link Deco M5 WiFi Mesh system for free until October 31, 2020. They can also be purchased separately for a monthly fee of PhP 150 per unit for 24 months. You can upgrade your plan or get these devices through the official Globe Shop.