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Globe Telecom is really pushing their content up a notch this 2017, with the introduction of their content partners to platforms in where you can experience them. They recently pushed the Google Chromecast 2 and Xiaomi Android TV for entertainment bundle with their broadband plans but it wasn’t really that adaptive as everything is still manual.

That’s why Globe also partnered with Roku to provide the Streamwatch device. A standalone device that can utilize the strong content partners of Globe such as Netflix, Youtube, Disney, HOOQ and more. Launched last Oct 2017, the Streamwatch is on a roll by providing more than just internet service for Globe customers via their postpaid plans.

What’s inside? A wireless remote, yes no more IR sensor here so it can be more than 5 meters away. Wall adapter (1A) and long micro USB cable for the streamwatch stick. Along with these are some manual which you won’t probably read anyways.

Roku Experience?

What’s good about Roku is that it focuses on content that you can watch, no other apps that will distract you from the platform such as social media like Facebook, Twitter or even games. It might sound bad at first but we find it better than our Chromeast 2.0, since we got to focus on what we are watching instead of going back and forth our phone and TV.

As you can see, Globe Streamwatch fronts most content partners of Globe such as Youtube, Netflix, HOOQ, Disney, NBA and more. You can also watch TV shows from Roku’s large database of streaming TV channels.

You can browse through the large database of the content of Roku with different genre available for kids, elders, action, sports and more. We personally like the comedy especially the old AFV videos are available for watching, perfect for killing time last Christmas holidays.

The Roku remote is light and solid, intuitive with control playbacks at the center. Though we are a bit disappointed that the volume control isn’t available on the Roku Stick, making it bothersome to control the volume via the TV remote. This happens a lot since not all videos have the same volume levels.

But once we paired our Netflix account, we were happy since it didn’t need a phone to control the app within the Roku stick unlike with the Chromecast 2.0. This gave us the opportunity to just leave my Netflix account and let everyone use it while on the entertainment sala.

Photos are clear and audio is crisp with Dolby audio support. Maximum output is 1080p with good color and audio reproduction. What we like is that the streamwatch is fast, responsive despite some internet issues of the whole family utilizing the internet connection.

For a device so small, it’s powerful to consolidate most apps we use for entertainment. That’s mostly Netflix, Youtube, and some casual comedy videos for now but we think it’s best that other content are available especially when you have guests like children at home.

You can also stream youtube videos or Netflix videos via the app on your smartphone. But not videos from Facebook, so if you’re more into casting then we suggest a Chromecast 2.0 would be more fitting for you.

What’s the catch?

While the Globe Streamwatch is a wonderful device to have, the catch is that you need to have a Globe at Home subscription. You can get the streamwatch at any broadband plans but they recommend the plan 1299 – 1899 with 400GB – 600GB of data allocation.

Once you have a broadband plan, you can use your Globe at Home account with free limited access to their content partners like Netflix, HOOQ, Disney, etc to pair into the Roku streamwatch.

What’s good here is all monthly payments for the broadband and content subscription like Netflix is under the Globe account for better management. Right now the Globe Streamwatch is exclusive for Globe customers for Php50/24 months or Php900 one-time payment.

Overall the Globe Streamwatch is a delightful device for any Globe at Home subscriber, its relatively affordable at Php50 monthly and will fully utilize the free content of the broadband plan. Streaming content is now definitely the new norm and watching on demand is ideal with the Globe streamwatch.

What we liked about the Streamwatch

What we didn’t like about the Streamwatch

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