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Before when we think of visiting our telecom provider’s stores, we often have problems to take care off or just simply to apply for their services. But with our previous experiences, thought of long lines, customers ranting at the customer service and kids playing around everywhere haunts us and just discourages you to even visit. In end result, you either endure the long agonizing experience or  take care your concerns via phone.

But Globe Telecom wants to change everything and make you feel more encouraged to visit them more than ever, hence their Gen3 Next Act initiative. As Globe listen to customers, they understand that data is the one driving the demand of customers now, no longer calls & texts (That’s why its unlimited as a base postpaid offer).  So from May to July they renovated their 230 square meter store at Ayala Center Cebu and transformed it to a 400 square meter store into their 3rd Gen3 store for a whole new telecom brand experience. Same location but with more space for the customers. Now this is important as in Visayas, Cebu occupies 30% of Globe’s business and they expect it to grow even further.

Focus on Content

Gen3 stores focus more on content rather than hardware, this means that what you like is most definitely compatible with all devices they provide. Globe’s strong partnership to top content providers like Facebook, Spotify, HOOQ, NBA and Disney enables them to deliver a unique way to learn more about your mobile experience. Ranging from 16 unique areas around the facility, Globe offers content for everyone like kids with Disney, Music with Spotify, Movies and TV series with HOOQ, Sports actives with NBA and even social areas like Viber and Facebook. Also in the stores are areas for their MyBusiness solutions plans with actual demo for better understanding.

How cool is this?

Special areas such as this Star Wars Battle Pod arcade is also featured in the store. Globe said that it’s the 1st in the Philippines and they will continue to feature special attractions alike in the future. Now this may be a waste of space on a business perspective, since its occupying around 50 square meters of space. But Globe believes that you shouldn’t visit their store if you only have business transactions, but also when you want to enjoy as a subscriber.

To complete your mobile experience 

Once entertained for your application or phone purchase, we all love to accessorize to complete our mobile phone. That’s why Gen3 Stores offers a wide array of Exclusive and convenient accessories ranging from casings, cables, screen protectors, headphones, speakers and more. To be more compelling Globe they offer discounts to their products especially to new postpaid applicants.

Unique accessories such as Ubooly is also available in the stores. With kids in mind Ubooly is an interactive app that slips inside the doll, hiding the smartphone and disguising as a doll it can now talk to your children with informative, interactive and entertaining gestures. A very unique way to educate and give learning for children indeed.

Another unique in the store is thier ZAGG machine, which has templates for various phone manufacturers of Phones, tablets and smartwatch. They can make scratch proof screen protectors for your device ranging from smartphones to around 800 pesos to tablets around 1800 pesos. If just in case your phone is not in their database, they can request to their HQ for a week or two. Now this is pretty neat as it’s the only service of its kind in the Philippines. In this case, they conveniently have a screen protector for my ASUS ZenWatch.

The store is never the same

Cooking demo anyone?

With their modules hanged and can be slided. Globe’s head of retails transformation Joe Caliro said that “The store can be configured in any way, making it adjustable for local culture and demand”. This means that Gen3 stores are flexible enough to provide a different store layouts and change of content in a short amount of time. To be honest, it is an ingenious way to save money in the future as you don’t always need to renovate layouts. Another interesting point is that all their individual modules are equipped with special speakers that delivers sound in a specified area. Making the whole area play different contents simultaneously without interrupting each other.

Old service new ways

People said they are just on the other side of the room, hahaha

With everyone being equipped with the latest trend, Globe offer’s a unique way to pay your bills and even ask for inquiries via their video conferencing booths on site. They have dedicated call center agents to video-chat with you for your inquries, might be weird but at first but the service is definitely priority when on site. Also you can pay bills via Debit Cards, Credit Cards similar to transacting via an ATM machine. This time Gen3 stores made sure that they have more than 1 way to interact with customers, rather than the usual lining up at the desk.

Who doesn’t love Clash of Clans!

Right now the 3rd Gen3 Store in Cebu is the biggest in the Philippines, but Globe by the end of the year will open their Flagship Iconic store at the heart of BGC (Highstreet Area). A glass constructed bridge will connect two stores across with large high definition LED Walls will be flexible to move and transform Highstreet park into a multi-functional event center.  With Wonderful as their main communication adjective, Globe with the Gen3 concept definitely transformed the way people should look to a telecom store. In our experience, we visited their store feeling like inside an entertainment park which was very informative and enjoyable.

Just in case you’re wondering, all photos used in the article is shot using the Globe Galaxy S6 Edge. You can also try out the Gen3 experience at SM North Edsa and Cagayan de Oro plus with more locations soon such as Greenbelt and other locations Globe has yet to plan out.



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