Globe upgrades GoSurf50 to 1GB + 300mB  – Hungry Geeks

Globe adds up 300MB to their lead promo GoSurf50, this now upgrades their open data surfing allocation to 1GB with 300MB allocation for any chosen app. 

The *143# registration shows the updated data allocation with the incidation as well of the removal of the previous All Net Text offer. 

Once subscribing, you will need to choose one of the many app partners of Globe for the 300MB Allocation. We think FB or Youtube woild be best for this. 

Upon registration, we got the confirmation of 1GB open data allocation and the 300MB allocation for the app chosen. 

Just remember to register as well to SurfAlert to avoid unwanted charges if your registration expires. 

We’re a bit sad that the all net text is now gone, but it’s just simple to register as well to the promo for a small fee. At the end of the day, it seems Globe is now fully focusing on pure surfing promos as many just message via social media apps. 

Right now the promo is applicable to prepaid customers while postpaid customers are still eligable to the 700Mb + 300Mb promo. 



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