Globe vs Smart iPhone XS, XS Max Postpaid Plans comparison | News and Reviews

The Plans are now out both for Globe iPhone XS and Smart iPhone XS pre-order, the only remaining question right now is who is better? We always do the traditional comparison for the postpaid plans and this one is definitely good as we see a good stretch of difference.

Globe ThePLAN

As expected in our forecast, Globe will forefront the iPhone plans at Plan 1799 + Cashout. They stood out this time with more offerings for loyal customers by having a 2,400 discount for renewing subscribers. As well as having new data content offering such as

Globe this time has a more compelling package as compared to the iPhone X in our opinion. Though the Amazon Prime is a selective freebie, its still nice to get DisneyLife as more and more Marvel content is getting into the action through the app. No Netflix this time, but most latest Disney content is definitely nice to anytime.

Data allocation-wise, Globe is more generous in giving it straight to consumers by making it open data. 11GB for plan 1799 is good as compared to Smart’s direct comparison of 5GB open data.

Smart GigaXPlans

Smart’s approach is a bit more straightforward by being 300 pesos less at Plan 1499. Having 5GB open data and 10GB for video streaming like YouTube, iFlix, Fox+ and iWantTV. Calls are at limited qty but for all networks, but based on experience this is quite irrelative now as its more important to have unlimited SMS to all networks.

No app partners for Smart, this is a direct purchase of bucket plan. Perhaps that’s why the total cost of ownership for Smart is more affordable. It wasn’t specified, but renewal of current subscribers will also get a special rate.


For the iPhone XS, Smart is more affordable by Php7,200 and the iPhone XS Max is more affordable by Php6,600. But you will have the downside of less open data allocation of 5GB vs 11GB, perhaps you can simply top-up the savings via prepaid promos on-top.

Globe on the other hand offers a more compelling plan upfront especially if you’re not into the budget but the content. Their Plan 1999 is actually good with overall 16GB monthly data allocation, we think it’s sufficient enough for professionals.

If you want to maximize your budget, go for Smart and go for Globe if you want to have more experience and open-data allocation.

Preorder now via their respective websites of Globe iPhone XS and XS Max or Smart iPhone XS and XS Max. 

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