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Out of curiosity, we always try to or want to indulge in the latest products in the market. One product that got my eye recently is the Good Night Drink’n’Dream, just by looking at the drink, it should give you a hint that it promotes good sleep. But does it really work?

First of all, this isn’t a sponsored post for the product. This review is entirely out of curiosity as I got a lot of messages if this product really works when I posted it on my Facebook and Instagram stories. I tried it for 5 days straight of drinking and I’ll try to be subjective and detailed as possible in my review.

What is it first anyway?

Well, it’a lightly carbonated drink with lemon balm, herbal extracts and hops that helps promote good sleep by relieving stress. It has a slightly sweet taste that is more fruity but again it’s carbonated thus it makes you burp a bit.

Does it work?

So my routine of going to sleep is usually 11 PM to 12 midnight depending on how tired am I, from my gym routines I would probably sleep by 12 midnight due to my high energy stored. So I drink this 1 hour before sleeping, so usually, I take it by 10 PM to give my head a sign that I already want to sleep.

1st night – Wednesday

Upon consumption, you won’t feel that sleepy immediately. Their website says 30-45 minutes prior to sleeping for the effects to kick in. The lemon herb taste isn’t disturbing to give your night toothbrush sessions a bad impression, more of it conditions you to calm down. Contradicting to the carbonated water, it actually helps as the bubbles activate your taste buds to taste the drink, don’t just gulp it as you should indulge it.

I was able to sleep with no problems, no dreams though. At this stage, I wasn’t sure if the drink had any contributions or just a mindset.

2nd night – Thursday

On my second night, it was work week and I needed to sleep earlier. I tried sleeping by 10 AM to get more energy for the next day. I usually wake up by 5 AM and sometimes earlier by 4:45 AM as my body clock knows already the alarm clock.

This time I was able to sleep immediately with no worries of interruptions, looks like the drink is working its magic.

3rd night – Friday

On the third night, I was having doubts if the drink was working or if I was just plain tired. But knowing my body of being restless, I was able to sleep faster with the Good Night drink and this time with a surprising dream. Unbelievably, I was able to remember my dream to good details.

I dreamt that I bought a brand new car despite just buying a new one recently, I have no idea why but it looked that I’m happy in the dream by driving in dream beach destinations.

When it was time to wake up, the memory of my dream was still fresh in the morning. My sleep was great and the only thing that woke me up was the alarm clock. Unfortunately, my body was getting used to the sound and made me 30 mins more asleep than usual. Looks like this drink promotes more deep sleep.

4th night – Saturday

On the 4th night of my trials, I knew that the drink is working already. So, I prepared to my usual routine and tried to keep my gadgets away from me as much as possible. The same thing happened, no intense or bothersome events happened to make me sleep but I woke up 3 AM in the morning with a full bladder…perhaps this drink makes me pee in the middle of the night?

So my sleep was interrupted, but not to the point I was fully awake. I was still able to go back to sleep until my 5 AM alarm woke me up.

5th night – Sunday

Currently on my 5th night as of writing this, I experienced the same dreaming state. This time I was able to dream that I was able to visit my relatives in Europe, though the details are vaguer I was able to remember some names and even places.

But again, I woke up 4 AM with a full bladder and interrupted my sleep…I was having doubts if its a coincidence or just the drink itself promoting me to pee. Eventually, I went back to sleep immediately and woke up 8 AM with no problems, more of the uncomfortable summer heat was more felt and I just had to wake up already.

Did you really get to dream?

Based on my 5 days using the drink, I was able to dream 2 times already. For me, I seldom get to dream but these occurrences are more memorable and detailed. So, perhaps yes for this drink to promote deep sleep and makes me enter the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage and promotes dreaming?

I can’t claim it, perhaps if I take more of this drink and overall probably 2 weeks experience?

How much is it?

It’s Php69.00 at 7-Eleven and 71 at Lawson, so it’s not cheap and you’ll probably won’t drink it every day unless you’re really desperate to have a sleep solution.

So is it worth it?

For me, if you are having problems sleeping then I suggest trying this. At first, it might be a mind over body thing, but I can honestly say that I can sleep faster with this drink. Depending on your stress level perhaps, I can say mind was above average in thinking of work recently and this drink was able to clear my mind and relax prior to sleeping.

I tried breathing and calming music before and they don’t work with me. That’s why I was desperate to try this drink and see the results.

Just remember

Take a pee before sleeping, it’s a good idea and you should really do it to avoid being interrupted. Also, keep your gadgets away from you when sleeping as you’ll have the mannerism of checking your phone prior sleeping.

Share us your experience! 

Have you tried this drink already? If yes, please do share your experience and if not, perhaps you wanna try and share your take with us as well.



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