Google Takes on Twitch with Youtube Gaming – Hungry Geeks

Recently, Google has announced that it will launch a new YouTube app and website dedicated to all game streaming. Named “YouTube Gaming”, it is said that it will feature more than 25,000 pages for numerous game titles so you can follow livestreams and related content to everyone’s favorite games.

For example, you followed “Dota 2”, you will be subscribed to latest news about the game, view live tournaments and more. Users can browse through official content from the developers and reviews from other users. This is very similar to Twitch and we can expect the two websites battling it out to be the best online game streaming website.

Users can also search and follow YouTube creators who blog specifically about games to find reviews, walkthroughs and commentaries. The profile pages feature a flat and modern user-interface that matches the color scheme of the specific video game art.

The feed will stream at around 60 fps in HTML6, a playback update YouTube added just a few weeks ago in early preview. Creators can also check data and statistics of the streams in their own dashboard.

Google is letting avid games have their own dedicated space in the internet for  their own content and anything related to gaming needs.

What do you think about the upcoming website? Will it replace the throne-holder Twitch? Let us know in the comments section.



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