When it comes to buying your daily regimen beauty products, guys are always down to the basics as most are shy in being seen in a store like Watsons. Fortunately, Watsons’ dedicated male area is more than just a section for guys, but a curated section for all men’s products and even tutorials.

What’s nice about the Men’s section of Watsons is the wide range of products from grooming, beauty, cleansing, moisturizing and even refreshing with perfume. From the most basic products to the advanced grooming products, they have it for the inner you.

So whether you need the simple facial wash down to the deodorants and even shavers, they have it all specifically for guys. What’s good about it as well is that in most Watsons area, it’s just like 5-6 shelves for guys located in one corner as compared to 3/4 of the store dedicated more to female.

The next time you need regimen things for men, just try to remember Watsons and it might save you time and even your day from roaming around other stores.