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With all the gadgets we have today, there will come a time where you’ll just need the basic of things. Probably in your bag will be a chaotic combination of Phone, Tablet, powerbanks and even portable hard drives, well that’s for tech junkies like us.

Playground Philippines sent us over their PL400 flashlight, a gadget that aims to be your aid in most needed moments. For starters this 2,200mAh powerbank is also a flashlight with 2 LED lights that has 3 levels light configurations.

The flashlight comes with a dock to store / display neatly, the dock also acts as a station to charge the flashlight. But just in case you don’t feel using the dock, you can directly charge it using a micro-USB cable. You can activate the flashlight using a touch based sensor on the top, then a toggle switch will let you turn on and off the flashlight.

Conveniently, the flashlight is also has magnets at the back, making it convenient to place in those much needed light moments especially with no power. Places like the bathroom, closet, refrigerator and even your walkway can have sufficient lighting for emergency situations.

The PL400 has an input and output of 1A for charging. This ain’t really fast in terms of charging but for 2,200mAh it’s sufficient enough for 1 charge session to add to your phone’s juice. There are 4 blue LED lights to tell the device’s battery level, which is a pretty convenient addition.

The PL400 may not be the “Wow’ device you will have in your arsenal, but this flashlight / powerbank will someday same your day. The PL400 retails for Php990 and available in Playground authorized stores nationwide.

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