HBO confirms the most popular theory in Game of Thrones

    Updated with the Game of Thrones series? Good. I’m sure you love these fan theories that are going around the internet ever since the series started. The most popular — the “R + L = J” theory (not a mathematical problem), has been confirmed by HBO themselves.


    If you’re not familiar with the theory, it means that Rhaegar Targaryen (R) and Lyanna Stark (L) are Jon Snow’s (J) real parents and not Ned Stark’s random bastard son. The finale of Season 6, Ned Stark went to the Tower of Joy to save Lyanna only to see her in a pool of blood with a baby boy. While it was hinted that Lyanna is really the mother, viewers may still be skeptical because there was no verbal confirmation so HBO went ahead and created this infographic:


    There you go. If you thought HBO will just leave you hanging on the Tower of Joy sequence in the first few episodes, they surprised you in the finale. I’m this infographic are for those who are still skeptical and it serves as a guide for the on-going plot in season 7.


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