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Iflix and Hooq, both are video streaming app that hopes to get your money when streaming your favorite show or movie on your phone. It sucks to have to pay to be able to enjoy your multimedia needs, day in and day out. What if someone offers you the same thing, with up to date movies and TV series for free?

Formerly known as HD Cinema then Sky HD, this apk app could be downloaded from their facebook page here. Unlike other movie streaming downloadable app, Movie HD is free and easy to use; it has a straight to the point UI, and is updated as soon as files are available as torrents. It is particularly great for TV series as they update it a few hours to a day after an episode comes out.

Space, Compatibility and Resolution

Sky HD only takes 19.88MB of space, you could choose a 360p video stream to 1080p resolution, so it really depends on your screen size and how you would want to watch a movie or an episode of your favorite TV series, moreover; you may choose to connect your phone directly to your TV with some assistance with the likes Miracast-abled devices (should be working), Chromecast, or a Mobile Home Link (MHL) capable TV set.

Unfortunately, Movie HD is only limited to Android devices; although it was just announced on their page that “iOS jailbreak” version will be coming soon.

Library and Selection

Moving forward, Movie HD has  a vast number of TV series also available on iflix and HOOQ, I found 10 seasons of Friends, Prison Break, Californication, Entourage, The Sopranos, Spartacus, and Mad Men. Those who are looking for Sci-Fi series may want to look up Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, and X-Files. Mini-series documentaries like Cosmos, Planet Dinosaur. Animated and cartoon favorites are also available, with selections like Batman the Animated series, Flinstones, Looney Tunes, The Simpsons, Southpark, Attack on Titans and Ducktales! Newer series such as Suits, Scandal, and Game of Thrones are also available with updated episodes.

In the movie section, you could go as far as The Godfather (1972), The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (1966), 12 Angry Men (1957), Casablanca (1942), Charlie Chaplin – City Lights (1931). If you are looking for a more modern film, they have Mad Max: Fury Road, Get Hard, Unfinished Business, and a lot more. They even have Comedy Central’s the roast of Justin Bieber.

Their movie section is not as vast or complete compared to their TV series section, and AAA titles (movies) usually take time to get into their library, but they do have enough selection for both categories to last you for a lifetime… FOR FREE!

UI, Navigation and Maintenance

Since Movie HD is not an official app for android, it has some issues with regard to maintenance. It was formerly called HD Cinema but was later renamed to Sky HD as a beta platform the moved into Movie HD. The reason the page gave was because of some copyright issues so we leave it to that.

Moving on, it has a standard UI, altouh ads my pop up from time to time which is quite annoying. You may also choose a genre for a more efficient browsing, or use the search function to get right to watching. Once you found your show or movie, you may choose to download it and save it for later or watch it now through streaming. Another good part is you could actually steam the show using your preferred video player, in our case we are using MX player.


If you have a good WiFi connection at home, you might want to watch a movie or your favorite show but, coming from work or school you are too tired to wait for your torrent to finish, then download this application. If you have a smart TV on your room or an android box, or gadget for mirroring your phone, watch your shows in Full HD on your TV. This is a great app for multimedia junkies and a great app for on-the-go guys and girls who does not have time to watch their shows at home. The bad thing is if you have great morale values concerning piracy, you may not want to support this and instead pay for iFlix or Hooq. Ultimately, it is your call.

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