Healthy Food Finds from Listerine's #StepItUpYourFoodtrip! – Hungry Geeks

We all have that moments when we want to try and explore some new food options to come along side our diet and healthy living. Sometimes, all we need is one step to find it.

Last Friday, March 27, we were invited in Eastwood Open Park for Listerine’s Step Up Your Foodtrip event. It was not your typical food showcase as all of the foods shown were healthy and green. Not only did our everyday cravings for foods were satisfied, our diets improved as there were a lot of healthy options to choose from.

The program was pretty straightforward, there was a demo from Chef Carlo Miguel, whereas he shared with us his mouth-watering-but-tasty food recipes.

The highlight of the event was the larger number of food stalls to venture on; from the all-green sandwiches of The Sandwich guy to juicy blends of Jamba Juice.

Hosted by the lifestyle columnist and food blogger, Sam Oh, the event was lively and appetizingly satisfying.

Ready your tastebuds, here’s our tasty food shot from the event:

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To cap off the event, Listerine added some rinsing stations to encourage us foodies to go from our usual habit of just brushing our teeth to an even better habit of rinsing after eating with their mouthwash.

The event aims to demonstrate that stepping up our usual habit is very easy and doable. Just remember when stepping up your lifestyle, healthy can be yummy too!



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