Here’s how you can buy PS4 games via GCash


GCash has partnered with iTech to make purchasing PS4 games even easier than before. With this guide, we’ll teach you how you can buy your own PS4 games by using GCash and your smartphone.

First off, you’ll need to download the GCash app from the Apple Store or the Play Store and setup an account. Once you’ve loaded up your GCash account, head on over to the nearest iTech store near you. If you want an authentic PS4 experience, however, you can check out iTech’s newly opened PlayStation store.

You’ll quickly know if a store supports GCash QR code payments if the counter has a friendly cat on it. Once you’ve picked out a game that you want, which in our case is Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human, head on over to the counter and ask for GCash payment.

Once you’re ready for payment, scan the QR code on the counter with the GCash app’s integrated QR Code scanner.

When the code is read, put in the amount and you’re done! Just wait for the receipt and you now have a brand new game to enjoy.

Alternatively, you can setup an American Express Virtual Pay via the MyAccount tab on the GCash app in order for your GCash account to act as a debit card if you want to purchase PS4 games directly from the PlayStation store. If you went this route, however, you’ll be missing that new box smell.

Of course, this method is also applicable to peripherals and consoles available in iTech’s PlayStation store. You can also pay via GCash’s QR method in other stores. You can check out other GCash partner stores with QR payment support via GCash’s website.

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