Here’s how you can order Digital Walker’s Work From Home essentials online

    With the quarantine still going on, almost everyone in the workforce is working at home. To alleviate the experience, Digital Walker is now shipping some of their accessories straight to your home.

    Digital Walker is shipping out quite a few devices to your home. Ranging from 65W quick chargers to TWS earphones, these devices can help you achieve better work experience at home. Here’s how you can order from Digital Walker:

    • Place your orders in this Google Form.
    • You will receive a receipt of your order via email. Reservations will be active for 48 hours from receipt of the email.
    • Choose from the listed payment modes available.
    • Pay and take a screenshot of your proof of payment.
    • Open the email Digital Walker will send you (Subject: Customer Order Form) and click the “Edit Response” button. Scroll to the bottom of the form and click “Attach File” to upload your proof of payment. Click submit afterwards.
    • Wait for your pick-up schedule from Digital Walker’s customer support team then proceed to book your preferred delivery/courier service to pick up orders at our head office.

    If you want to know more about Digital Walker’s Work From Home essentials promo, they have posted the FAQs on their Facebook page.


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