House of Cards Season 3 Now in the Philippines – Hungry Geeks

We all have one TV series we all like at just one episode. Last Feb 26, we were invited to the advance screening of the 3rd season of House of cards. Despite not watching the 2 seasons, the show is about strategy and tactics of the lead Francis Underwood in how he gains position in politics. In the 3rd season he’s now the President of the United States of America, previously from just being a lower member in the government.

Interesting in this show is, you relate in your workplace in what’s happening to the show. In addition of a very dominant lead character always getting what he wants, and everything gets more interesting now he’s the president now. Now for the ladies, his spouse Claire Underwood being the office assistant for years is now aiming for higher position in the government. The attitude and screenplay of the show definitely entertaining to anyone who wants more than the usual love story. Who knows, you might even learn a thing or two in the show for your situation in work.

You can watch House of Cards Season 3 here in the Philippines every Wednesday 9:55PM. Available in RTL CBS Entertainment Channel SkyCable Ch53 SD | Ch196 HD and CableLink Ch37 SD | Ch313 HD.



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