How to accept QR payments in your sari-sari store

    After months under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), Metro Manila is now facing General Community Quarantine (GCQ). Since the start of the quarantine, we have made several efforts to shield our sari-sari store from COVID-19 such as social distancing, free alcohol provisions to customers, plastic shield, and even disinfection everyday of our store.

    But one factor that is still missing is the handout of cash, which can be a potential carrier of the virus. That’s why we were glad that PayMaya’s famous QR system is now readily available to SMEs through its PayMaya Negosyo app. We were able to accept QR payments as fast as 48 hours upon registration.

    Registration was fast and easy with the standard KYC (Know Your Customer) process which asks users to provide a photo of a valid ID and take a video selfie. In the registration process, just make sure you have ample light to validate your selfie video and ID photo. This is so you won’t have any hassle of re-doing it.

    Another reminder: you can not register a mobile number that is affiliated with a PayMaya consumer account. For sari-sari stores, it’s best to use the same number you use in your Smart E-load business so you don’t have to juggle too many sim cards.

    After the successful registration, we were already advised to log in via our account. We printed out the QR code generated and posted it in our store. Customers with PayMaya account can now pay for their purchases at our store by simply scanning the QR code.

    For online sellers, you can easily send your QR code to your customers via social media and messaging apps to receive their payments via QR. Other options to receive payments are via PayMaya Send Money and bank transfer via Instapay.

    Now, PayMaya Negosyo doesn’t charge monthly fees, but they deduct a 1.5% fee in the total amount of the QR transaction. I think this is quite fair considering this payment option is safer than cash in these critical times. It can also save you time as you can easily track transactions made here, and even open up more avenue of customers who are also digital-savvy.

    The funds on your PayMaya Negosyo wallet can be transferred via Instapay to major banks in the Philippines. So far, there is no convenience fee for this and it’s a good sight that when we transferred even 10 pesos of payment there was no deduction to our BDO account.

    As per the website of PayMaya Negosyo, the account holders can accept up to 250,000 pesos worth of transactions every month. We think it’s more than enough for SMEs to start their cashless business venture and the whole process was very easy.

    Ultimately, we welcome the PayMaya Negosyo as a way to curb the spread of the virus and adapt to “New Normal.” It’s a safer, faster, and more transparent way of processing the payments for your business. Download the app now at the Google Play Store (http://pymy.co/PayMayaNegosyo)For more info, visit https://www.paymaya.com/negosyo-merchant.

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