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The Exoskeleton Armor is possibly one of the best armors in Wasteland 3. If all pieces are equipped, the total Armor points that it gives is 53. This makes it a bit more durable than the Power Armor but a little inferior to the Nucular Set and the Verchitin Set. But the kicker is that it also improves the user’s offensive capabilities as it adds +50% melee damage. The downside is that this set is requires 3 Weird Science and 7 Strength to equip. If you’re looking for the perfect armor for your melee character, then this might be it.

Warning: spoilers ahead as this is a late-game armor.

How To Get The Wasteland 3 Exoskeleton Armor Pieces

The armor set is composed of 3 pieces: the head, the chest, and the legs. All of these parts are located in different areas of the map, requiring a bit of traveling and adventure. It also can be quite a challenge as you need high combat and non-combat skills to get them.

1. Exoskeleton Legs Location

The first one that you’ll probably find. The Exoskeleton Legs can be found inside a chest in the Paint Mines. You can get to this place once the wives and family of several missing people visit the Ranger HQ, giving you the quest “The Disappeared” to look for the place. Once you progress the quest, unlock and go to the “Paint Mines”. Then go towards the western part of the map until you get to the abandoned RV. Near it is a pile that you can search for the Exoskeleton Legs.

For a detailed description of “The Disappeared” sidequest and its choices and rewards, you can check out our guide here.

How To Unlock Paint Mines

To get Paint Mines to appear on your map, you need to talk to Frank Pappas after you receive the quest “Disappeared”. You can find him inside the Sans Luxe Apartments in Downtown Colorado Springs. After you “convince” him, he will tell you about the location of the Paint Mines. You end your conversation with Frank by recruiting him into the Rangers for the passive Marshal Training Perk which grants Leadership Range +2M.

2. Exoskeleton Helmet Location

The helmet is in the Abandoned Oil Well, southeast of the map. You can get drop by this place as you head towards Yuma County. This is a relatively easy one to get as you just need to trigger a bloodless but weird cutscene to spawn it.

The Abandoned Oil Well is a bit of a strange place as you’ll be talking to a group of gas mask-wearing people surrounding a machine. Shooting one of them triggers a cutscene, making them and the machine in the middle disappear. Once you regain control, search the remains of the machine to get the Exoskeleton Helmet.

Abandoned Oil Well Location

3. Exoskeleton Chest Armor Location

The chest armor is probably the last one you can find as it is directly connected to an end-game side quest. For this one to appear, you have to have met Angela Deth in the main story quest “The Traitor” so that she can tell you the location of Yuma County.

Go to Yuma County, then head to the Scar Collector Mine. The Exoskeleton Chest Armor is located inside a chest behind the first locked door that you’ll see upon entering the area. If you don’t have the necessary skills to open it, you can go towards the back of the building and enter from there. However, expect very heavy resistance with multiple enemies armed with high-powered energy weapons.

Wasteland 3 Exoskeleton Armor Set Stats

Earthquake skill from the chest piece

The Exoskeleton Armor set has a combined Armor of 53 with a +50% buff to Melee Damage. This makes it perfect for melee-heavy tanks. Note that there is only one of this armor set. If you’re looking for others that you can outfit your team with, you can go with the Nucular Set or the Power Armor. Also note that with the Exoskeleton Chest, you get the Earthquake skill which is very useful as you can stun those in your immediate area.

Exoskeleton Armor Piece Stats
Exoskeleton Helmet Armor +13 Melee Damage Bonus +15%
Exoskeleton Chest Armor Armor +27 Melee Damage Bonus +20%
Exoskeleton Legs Armor +13 Melee Damage Bonus +15%

If you want armor with the highest defense, then you’re looking for the Verchitin Armor. That set has 67 Armor +25% Elemental Resistances. You can check out the guide for the Verchitin Armor here.

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