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In the post-apocalyptic wild world of Wasteland 3, there exists a enigmatic item called the Golden Toaster. Once you have assembled this item, it will unlock a new area filled with good loot called “Toaster Repair Academy”. Want to know how to get the Golden Toaster? Here’s how:

*Note that you do not need the Golden Hammer for this quest. To know how to use the Golden Plated Hammer, check out this guide.

Collect 5 parts to get the legendary Golden Toaster

To collect all of the parts, you need to fulfill the following:

To obtain some of the Golden Toaster parts, you need to progress to a certain part of the story. Deal with Vic Buchanan first in “The Psychopath” to unlock the final location of the toaster, Knox Bison Ranch. Afterwards, head to the southwestern part of the map to the Toaster Repair Academy. Note that you need to have at least Level 2 Radiation Shielding for your Kodiak to get there.

Wasteland 3 Golden Toaster Parts & Locations

Golden Toaster Part Toaster Repair Skill Location
1. Molded Gold Toaster Case 1 Hoon Homestead – Inside the house’s kitchen
2. Gold Insulated Power Cord 4 Broadmoor Heights – Wesson House’s kitchen
3. Gold Infused Mica Sheeting 7 Paint Mines – Beside the abandoned RV
4. Gold Plated Nichrome Wire 7 Aspen – Lodge’s northernmost room
5. Bi-Metallic Gold Alloy Filament 8 Knox Bison Ranch – North side of the Ranch’s 2nd floor

Collect All To Unlock Toaster Repair Academy

Once you get all 5 of the parts, the Golden Toaster will automatically be assembled. Afterwards, you will get a notification about unlocking the Toaster Repair Academy. Go to the world map and head to the southeastern part of the map. The Toaster Repair Academy can be found near a bridge.

If you accidentally sold some of the parts, fret not as you can buy them again. Only start worrying if you sold them to a roadside peddler.

Tip: Make A Toaster Man

Toaster Man, savior of all broken toasters

In my opinion, the Toaster Repair skill is probably the most useless skill in the game. While it can give you serious loot from toasters, it is practically useless in both combat and in conversations. Loot is easily obtained, skill points are not. So I would recommend against taking it as a skill from the start. With that, how can you open the toasters? Make a Toaster Man.

You can create Rangers in the middle of your playthrough in Wasteland 3. They scale together with your team minus the passive perks that your squad members receive for completing quests or taking in recruits. Take advantage of this feature by making a “skill mule” a.k.a. practically useless in combat but with some skills maxed out. Toaster Man is a custom Ranger that has max Toaster Repair skill. Include him into your roster if you plan on getting to the Toaster Repair Academy. You can also add in some other skills like Survival to make your ride smooth.

Getting The Secret Golden Toaster Companion

Aside from giving you the location of the Toaster Repair Academy, the Golden Toaster can be used to summon a weird companion, “Courageous”, a literal golden toaster. You can do this by going to the altar inside the toaster repair academy and activating it. You also get the achievement “Toaster Expert” for getting Courageous as an ally.

Serving hot bread. One slice at a time.

Courageous fires blazing hot toast at your enemies, dealing fire damage. You might scoff at it but this bad toaster becomes very deadly as it can attack 5 times in a single turn. Best take care of it when fighting and give it some love with Repair Kits.

Since you’re in the Toaster Repair Academy, try getting the Verchitin Armor Set, the sturdiest armor in the game.

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