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Looking for the best armor in Wasteland 3? What you’re looking for is the Verchitin Armor Set. With a whopping 67 Armor and +25% to all Resistances, this armor is the absolute best in the game. Well, how do you get it?

Assemble The Golden Toaster First


The Verchitin Armor Set is within the Toaster Repair Academy. No, it’s not a joke. That location is actually in the game! Anyhow, recall the golden toaster pieces that you stumbled upon during your adventures? Yep, you need those!

For the Golden Toaster parts, you need 5 pieces of them. You can find all of these parts inside toasters that you encounter in the game. With that, you need a character with a very competent Toaster Repair Skill (Toaster Man).

Golden Toaster Locations

  1. Hoon Homestead – Kitchen Area
  2. Weston – Kitchen Area
  3. Aspen – Northernmost room in the lobby
  4. Paint Mines – Beside the abandoned VR
  5. Knox Bison Ranch – 2nd Level of the northeastern part of the stable

To unlock the Knox Bison Ranch, you need to clear the story mission “The Psychopath”. After you finish that story mission, you’ll automatically get a sidequest when you travel south. This sidequest then unlocks the Knox Bison Ranch.

Repurchase Sold Golden Toasters

Don’t panic if you sold the Golden Toaster parts. You won’t accidentally sell them as they are not considered as Junk. If you did sell them before, you can still get them back from the shops that you sold them to. Just pray that you didn’t sell them to those roadside peddlers.

Once you have the final piece, the Golden Toaster will be automatically assembled. Afterwards, the location of the Toaster Repair Academy will be revealed on your map. Note that even if you go to that location, you won’t be able to enter unless you assemble the Golden Toaster.

Toaster Repair Academy Map Location

Head southeast and get to the Toaster Academy. Inside are a couple of chests. The Verchitin Armor is inside the Large Container located at the northeastern part of the Academy. Open it and just nab the Verchitin Armor from the chest.

Wasteland 3 Verchitin Armor Set Stats

The Verchitin Armor has a 9 Strength requirement, the highest among all armors in the game. In exchange, the wearer gets a cumulative 67 Armor Rating and +25% Resistance to all elements. The armor itself is likely to be of alien origin based on its description.

Verchitin Armor Piece Armor Stats
Verchitin Helmet Armor +16, Cold / Energy / Fire Resistance + 5%
Verchitin Armor Armor +35, Cold / Energy / Fire Resistance + 15%
Verchitin Legs Armor +16, Cold / Energy / Fire Resistance + 15%

As this is a unique armor, there’s only one Verchitin Armor set in the game. For other unique armors, you can go for the melee-specific Exoskeleton Armor, or with the hardy Nucular Armor Set. If you’re looking for a late-game armor with multiple sets, go with the Power Armor.

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