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Selfies are out and OOTDs are in. As a social media junkie, I tend to browse through various social media everyday and if you have been hanging around too long, you might have noticed how posts by your friends have changed. For example, a few years back, we were greeted by a huge amount of selfies from our friends. But now, the most popular posts are OOTDs or Outfit of the day. Basically, it’s an opposite of the selfie — someone takes your photos, whole body and you get to show off your outfit. But how do bloggers and social media influencers take the perfect OOTD?

Find the perfect light

I know I have mentioned this many times over articles that relates to photography. But that’s the truth. For OOTDs, don’t ever take photos in direct sunlight. The light will be too harsh and will generate some ugly photos which in turn, will make your outfit look terrible. Although there will be shots in the sunlight that will make your photos good, you just have to explore.

Best thing to do is to shoot outside but with the sun not shining down on you. Shoot in an open shade like at the side of a building or under a tree. I promise you, your shots will be golden.

Pick a good background

Remember that the background is equally important as you and your outfit. Imagine a dirty room versus a minimalist white background. It doesn’t matter if you have the flashiest of clothes out there if your background does not compliment your outfit. What you want is place perfectly lit and spacious. Just like a white wall, a hotel lobby or even a side walk. Note that you have to match the place with your outfit.

Get the right equipment

To produce good photos, you’ll need the right camera. If you already own a DSLR then you’re good to go. If you’re not that familiar in using a DSLR then I suggest you only set it to Aperture mode, it’s like an automatic mode but you’ll have to set your aperture manually. If you want a blurred background or “bokeh” effect, all you need to do is tone down your aperture to about 5.7 and you’ll have a photo that creates that effect while maintaining your outfit sharp and clear.

If you don’t have the luxury to purchase a DSLR, a smartphone would also be fine. Most of the flagship smartphones from big companies are equipped with DSLR-like cameras which you’re good to go with. If you want a budget smartphone that you can take an OOTD with, there are smartphones like the OPPO F1s: it has 13MP rear-camera with an f/2.2 aperture that’s priced at around Php13,000 only.


OOTDs are popular nowadays and if you want to join the trend these tips will help you get started. Just remember, always experiment with your shots.



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