How to turn off annoying EverWing notifications

    Do you love EverWing but annoyed with the messages? It could be really annoying where 5-6 of your messages is just about EverWing where other players just beat your score.

    What’s more annoying is that even if you aren’t playing, you’ll be forced to get notifications as long as your friends are playing to beat your score. In most cases, an EverWing notification will even pop up in your favorite chat and the game will overtake the conversation.

    You can block the app if you’re annoyed or not even playing anymore. But it’s still nice to play from time to time to vent out during free time.

    So here are the steps to deactivate EverWing’s notifications:

    Open the official chat account of EverWing, which keeps on sending all the notifications. From there, you will see the “Manage” button in the options.

    From this tab, you can toggle the notifications to deactivate EverWing’s notifications. This, however, will technically mute your notifications. Once it’s done, you will see the difference of enjoying EverWing without the notifications of other players challenging your high score.

    So far, EverWing is the new big thing right now. Despite that, it’s too annoying for everyone at work, school, or even the ones who are sleeping. Hopefully, Facebook’s Messenger app could implement a better game notification system to avoid unnecessary distractions in the future.

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