Things you may not know about the Huawei AppGallery

    It’s no secret that Huawei’s latest smartphones and tablets ship out without Google Mobile Services. Although their devices still have Android as their OS, they don’t have access to some Android services such as the Play Store. In lieu of the Play Store, Huawei has been heavily pushing their own app store: the AppGallery. With as new app environment, here are some ways that you can enhance your experience.

    As a refresher, the Huawei AppGallery is the official app market that comes preloaded on Huawei smartphones since April 2018. Although it’s still in its relative infancy, it has risen to become the third biggest app distribution platform globally with around 180 billion downloads and 390 million monthly active users worldwide.

    Huawei is quickly porting your favorite apps

    While the Play Store and App Store are undoubtedly kings of the hill when it comes to choices, the Huawei AppGallery is aggressively clawing its way to the top by getting the most used apps into the platform. Significant apps related to online banking, travel, gaming, and social media has already been ported to the AppGallery allowing Huawei recent releases such as the Nova 7i and P40 series to have almost the same offering as smartphones with native GMS. Here are just some of the new apps already available in the store:

    • Online Banking
      • BDO
      • EastWest
      • GCash
      • PayMaya
      • UnionBank
    • Finance
      • Cashalo
      • Investagrams
      • Pesoloans
    • Entertainment
      • Booky
      • GMovies
      • ClickTheCity
      • Platinum SongBook
    • Shopping and Rewards
      • BeautyMNL
      • Lazada
      • SM Advantage Card
      • Robinsons Rewards
      • Rustans FSP
      • GlobeOne
    • Government
      • PCSO
      • SSS
    • Travel
      • OTWO
      • Philippine Airlines
    • Gaming
      • Asphalt 9
      • Creative Destruction
      • Mobile Royale
      • Rise of Kingdoms
    • Social Media
      • Facebook
      • Viber
      • Tiktok

    Of course, Huawei doesn’t lock you down in downloading apps from just one place. If you can’t find the apps you need in the AppGallery, you can also download APKs via the Huawei Browser or via third party applications.

    Those who are using Gmail, Yahoo!, or even Outlook accounts don’t need to worry about loss of access. Huawei Email consolidates all these providers in order to be accessed via one app for easy access and convenience.

    In addition to their ever-expanding library of apps, Huawei is offering rewards via the AppGallery. They frequently give out special points, app vouchers, gift packs, VIP privileges, and other incentives that other platforms may not have. They are always available for you to get via the AppGallery’s Gift Center. Be sure to check back regularly to see what the latest special offer.

    Huawei AppGallery secures your personal data

    Privacy is important especially with everyone connecting to the Internet. Huawei assures security within the AppGallery ecosystem by having a four-layer detection security that ensures all user data is contained within the device, and every app installation is screened for any threats without exemption.

    AppGallery features strict security detection, privacy check, security vulnerability scanning, and manual real-name security check. These steps ensure all the apps featured on the store are safe for their users.

    Here are some of our favorite apps found on the AppGallery

    We know it’s a bit unnerving at first to leave the familiarity of Google Mobile Services. Although Huawei’s AppGallery still needs improvement, their growing platform shows us that they are in for the long run.

    We have picked a few apps from the thousands available in the catalogue that we use daily to get you started in your journey into the Huawei AppGallery:

    PicsArt Photo Editor

    If you decided to pick either the Huawei P40 or P40 Pro, chances are that you are into photography. Although both smartphones already take amazing photos, you can elevate them further by touching them up in PicsArt Photo Editor

    PicsArt allows you to have more control in editing your photos by giving you more advanced options such as adding lens flares and various effects to your photos. You can even have multiple layers of effects like exposure and transparency if you’re interested in training your photo editing skills in your smartphone.

    BDO Online

    Just one of the various banking apps available in the AppGallery, we’re putting BDO Online in our list since we do have a BDO account for our needs. BDO Online allows you to make payments, transfer money, and check your balances all in one app, which allows you to skip the dreaded line in banking establishments.

    Since banking apps are serious in keeping your private data safe, Huawei is bolstering the safety net by having multiple layers of security to protect you and your information. Installations coming from the AppGallery or local sources are scanned to detect malicious behavior as well as scanned for vulnerabilities ensuring all apps on your smartphone are safe.


    Both GCash and PayMaya has been gaining traction since their inception since they allow anyone to have a virtual wallet regardless of stature. In order to get funds into your virtual account, you’ll need to deposit the money to a cash center near you.

    Like most banking apps on the platform, GCash and PayMaya allows you to pay bills and load your smartphone online. You can even get a virtual credit card to allow you to purchase from services such as Steam, Amazon, Lazada, Shopee, and more.

    What’s next for the Huawei AppGallery?

    Though the Huawei Mobile Services and its AppGallery has a few bumps down the road to overcome, it’s obvious that the brand is working extra hard to bring everything you knew and loved from GMS to their new smartphones.

    Hopefully, Huawei is able to port almost all the services we used in the Google Mobile Services ecosystem or at partnered with app developers who can make a decent alternative. With the things they are now, it seems that the Huawei AppGallery’s only way is up.


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