How To Use Wasteland 3 Golden Hammer


The Golden Hammer (Gold Plated Hammer) is a unique item that you can pick up in Wasteland 3. You can find it inside a safe in the Little Hell section of Aspen. However, the item itself is neither a weapon nor a quest item. What should you do with it? Here’s how:

*The Golden Hammer or Gold Plated Hammer is not related to the Golden Toaster quest. To look for parts of that quirky sidequest, you can check out our guide here.

The Golden Hammer is a key that you can use to open a hidden safe in Little Hell. To get the Golden Hammer, you must first open the main safe using 2 methods (3 actually, but the last one is bugged as of version 1.1.0):

Method 1: Use Lockpick To Open The Safe

To open the safe, you need to pass the Level 10 Lockpick skill check. If you don’t have the necessary skills to open it, you can always go with the other method.

Method 2: Kill For The Key To The Safe

A barbaric but quick and effective method is to kill the person holding the key for the safe and get the Golden Hammer. To get the key, you need to find Llewellyn first. You can find Llewellyn heavily injured in the eastern part of Little Hall. You have 2 options here: feed him with laxatives (3rd option) or kill him for the key.

Note that Healing Llewellyn won’t convince him to give you the key, so you’ll be left to open it using Lockpick skills. On the otherhand, you can pick the conversation option to kill him. This choice will then tear his body into two, dropping the key to the safe in the process.

Some Tips About Killing Llewellyn

You can kill Llewellyn after capturing Vic Buchanan for the key. This action affects neither your reputation or your standing with the Hundred Families. You can do this safely by choosing to kill Llewellyn in the conversation choices.

Also note that force shooting Llewellyn will cause both Marshal Kwon and Lucia Wesson to leave your party.

Method 3: Give Llewellyn Some Laxatives (Bugged)

There is a third option present and that is to make a laxative for Llewellyn. However, this method is currently bugged as of Patch 1.1.1. You can make the Laxative by interacting with the chemistry set located by the wall of the Breathers’ Lab.

Llewllyn’s Laxative Recipe

Use the laxative recipe /combination (MG, S, O-4) to produce the laxative (you can view the formula using a Lore Book called “Everybody Shits!”).

Giving the Laxative to Llewellyn does produce “Shit” behind him. Unfortunately, the bug is that you won’t be able to interact with his stool to get the key.

How To Use The Wasteland 3 Golden Hammer

The Golden Hammer is a key to open a locked hidden safe in Little Hell. You can find this hidden stash in the lobby, next to the main hallway.

Behind the hidden safe is the Patriarch’s Prototype Hammer. What makes this weapon special is that it has a high critical damage plus a unique ability that allows you to deal 125% more damage.

Or You Can Sell it

Alternatively, you can make use of the Golden Hammer by selling it to a merchant. The extra cash that you can gain from it can be quite helpful during this stage of the game.

Remember that you can always buy it back once you decide to have a melee-specialist character in your team.

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