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HTC One M9

HTC has officially unveiled their flagship smartphone for 2014, the HTC One M9

The newest HTC One keeps the same kind of approach for their scratch resistant metal chassis, except this time around there is a subtle colored band that wraps around the side of the phone. You won’t really notice it, but it’s there.

On the hardware section, the One M9 is packed with a 5-inch full HD display, octa-core Qualcomm 810 Snapdragon processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and their signature 4 ‘Ultra Pixel’ front-facing camera. In addition, it comes with a 100GB of Google Drive storage.

On the back portion of the phone, however, HTC has let go of the UltraPixel camera and put a 20-megapixel sensor and dual-LED flash instead. It does use the same autofocus exposure algorithm on the front camera. HTC stated that this change takes more detailed photos in low-light environment.

The company has once again focused on audio and media playback for their flagship phone, so you will still find that dual front-facing speakers and a high definition displays for your games and movies.

HTC Sense 7

Together with the One M9, HTC also launched to show their new Sense 7 User Interface.

One of the key feature for the Sense 7 is personalization, so you will not be shocked to find the theme generator on board. This allows the user to use the photos that they have to create a customized theme; the generator analyzes the image to make suggestions for the overall system theme. Although the suggestions are there, you will still have the power to edit any options.

Release Date / Price

HTC stated that the One M9 will be available on March 31 in a number of market, which includes Europe and the US. However, we are not sure how much will it cost. With this said, always expect it to be in the ‘premium’ price category.

Check back for our review once we obtain the unit.



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