Huawei Band 4 – Weightless and Functional Fitness Band

    Wearable devices are now the craze worldwide, more and more devices are now getting more affordable. That’s why Huawei Philippines just launched the Huawei Band 4, 4e, GT Watch 2, a new lineup of devices for the fitness and smart-oriented users.

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    But if you’re not into the smartwatch scene yet, or still hesitant. You might want to try out their Huawei Band 4, their affordable band for fitness tracking and even notifications. We got to experience the Huawei Band 4, for now, a week and the experience is simply fulfilling. Here’s our journey with their latest band.

    Overall band experience

    The Huawei Band 4 has a small 0.96″ display which is also colored, it’s not dynamic with animations and photos now possible. We very much got in-love with this cute DJ cat as the wallpaper, but there is so much more at the app to download.

    The band feels nice and solid, the strap is made of high-quality rubber that is also matte finish to the hands so it’s not slimy or sticky.  Weight is just 24g which is literally light, as compared to most smartwatches in the market, so its ideal for fitness enthusiasts.

    Connectivity & Notification

    The band connects via Bluetooth and everything is manageable through the Huawei Health App.

    Notification are also sent through the band through small texts, where its around 15 character text to see including the group name or sender. So if the sender has more than 15 characters alone for the group name, good luck as you’ll be bombarded with tons of text.

    The notifications for messenger is mostly just to give you alertness, we still suggest to check out your phone 90% of the time. Unless you’re just expecting a reply of “yes” or “no”. Of course, it is assisted with a vibration as well for every notification, achievement, or calls.

    Charging and Battery Life

    Interestingly, Huawei found a way to get rid of the annoying proprietary cables or wireless charging. The connector for the band also serves as the perfect size for the USB port, making it VERY CONVENIENT to charge.

    Though when plugged in, the diagonal direction of the band tends to occupy space diagonally. So, make sure to connect the USB port in a good place, for laptops placed on the table will be a different story.

    Battery Life lasts a minimum of 4 days on my experience, which includes 2 work out sessions and continuous connectivity for notifications with vibrations, and my 5 AM alarm clock (peace) to avoid the monster traffic of Metro Manila. Since it’s easy to charge in my experience, its not a hassle as compared to the GT smartwatch where you might tend to forget the charging pad on various occasions.

    Huawei Health App

    The app integrated with Huawei for smart devices is good overall, it tracks good data and delivers simple outputs that are understandable for beginners. You can even input more data to motivate you with your goals such as weight, achievement in records and more.

    Sleep tracking is now also great, deep sleep and REM are now included to give further inputs about your sleep. Mostly, Huawei made a huge improvement in their health app over the years.

    Though one thing Huawei still doesn’t have until now is the integration of social media in their fitness apps. If Huawei can copy the motivational social media like adding friends like Fitbit and Apple, it would be a plus factor to further motivate you against friends.


    The Huawei Band 4 is definitely a great device to kickstart your fitness tracking and intention of having a wearable device for only Php1,890. It’s light, comfortable, and tracks the right data when you need to.

    Should you have any concerns, it’s not for people who want a wearable for the notifications as its just too small to read most texts. Aside from that, the great battery life, tracking, app, and form factor is a solid buy already.







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