Huawei GT 2 Watch Review – Unbeatable Value & Battery Life

    Huawei is on a roll, they just entered the Smartwatch market recently and they are now on the Top 5 in the market. With the success of their GT Watch series that came along with the Mate 20 series, it’s no shocker that they are making it again successful with the GT 2 Watch series.

    Huawei answered 3 problems with the GT 2 Watch series, a thing that even other smartwatches can’t really provide until now.

    • Battery Life – 2 Weeks Battery Life is true as advertised
    • Ease of use – The interaction between the app, watch, and even notifications are now easier.
    • Accuracy – In our experience the GT 2 Watch now has the same performance of heart rate accuracy the same as big machines.

    But what changed betweet the GT 1 Watch 1 and GT 2 Watch?

    1. The form factor is even more solid, the glass is now the same level at the metal frame giving it a more premium feel. While it was still able to maintain the same mechanical watch feel that makes it masculine.

    2. The sensor at the back is also refined with now inclusion of a stress measurer. The upgraded sensors for the heart rate makes it more accurate as well, comparable to more-expensive watches like the Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire and even big exercise machines.

    3. There is now an additional keeper at the rubber silicone strap, making it more secure for long-duration usage.

    4. Internal storage + Built-in speakers is a great addition – Now it’s a breeze to multi-task while driving or typing, cause you can now play music or talk to the phone via the watch.

    Still, with these upgrades, Huawei opted to still cut out the wireless charging gimmick as it simply slow to charge and jacks up the price.


    The GT 2 Watch is also controlled using the Huawei Health App, its unusual for some but it makes sense since most of the monitoring will be based on your actual day-to-day activities.

    The application’s data is quite overwhelming for beginners, honestly, the data provided and modes for sport are well diverse but aren’t complete. For instance, the exercise for lifting weights is not included unlike the Garmin Fenix 6, a feature we like especially that we really don’t run or swim.

    The sleep monitoring is nice, while the stress level is also amusing. Though there isn’t really solid data to suggest what to do in the provided data. Mostly are just light suggestions if you lack sleep or your stress level is too high.

    Nevertheless, we’re glad that the watch also includes other modes such as activity tracking, breathing exercises and now updates in your exercise progress every 10 mins.

    What’s missing?

    1. Integration to other apps – The Huawei health app regardless of what device you are using can’t connect to other apps for integration such as my fitness app of Underarmor. But upon checking even Fitbit and Samsung are okay to pair, so its something Huawei needs to fix in the future.
    2. Lacks exercise mode for lifting weights – we hope that Huawei understands that their customers aren’t all professional bikers, swimmers, and runners. Some are just regular exercise people in the gym, with this we hope they add the function for lifting weights to count reps and sets.
    3. Friends System – As mentioned in the first generation GT series, it lacks motivation to compete with friends such as social media integration. Unlike Fitbit, Samsung that can compare walks to motivate you against other friends.
    4. Calling from the watch requires registration of contact first – While it’s annoying, we understand why Huawei wants you to register first the contact prior to calling using the watch alone. But Huawei can simply give the option of browsing through contacts to call using the phonebook to avoid this scenario, cause registering the contact prior to calling means its only ok for frequently called contacts.

    Almost everything you need for a smartwatch

    The GT 2 Watch offers the best features you can get for a smartwatch (46mm) for Php10,990.

      1. Built-In Speakers – The addition of the built-in speakers now enables for sounds while doing the workout for interval updates, music playback, and even hands-free talking in calls.
      2. Built-in storage for Bluetooth audio – The watch can now play music independently with its internal storage provided, no need to bring your phone with you in the gym to avoid distractions.
      3. Stress monitoring – The GT Watch 2 is now upgraded to include monitoring of the stress level of your body according to various factors like sleeping, and heart rate.
      4. Even longer battery life – The 2 weeks advertised battery life is definitely true, but in our case of being a heavy caller and talking to the watch we manage a minimum of 1-week battery life.

    Other variants include a 42mm size for female which costs Php9,990, and a premium brown leather variant for Php13,990.

    Also don’t forget

    Better buy a top cover for the glass since its now more subjective to scratches – http://bit.ly/GT2WatchCover



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