Huawei Mate Band 4 Pro – For serious fitness junkies without the junk

Huawei’s lineup of fitness trackers has been growing for the past 3 years, and we’ve been a witness of this since their venture to wearables especially last year. Their recent Huawei Mate Band 4 was their answer to people who wants to enter the wearable world, but it wasn’t good enough for serious fitness junkies.

Enter the Huawei Mate Band 4 Pro, their latest band to enter the Philippines for only Php2,990, it has the functionalities that bring more premiums to bring the title of Pro. The Band 4 Pro now has GPS functionality and upgraded AMOLED display as compared to the latter.

But how’s the experience? Given the differences stated, the Huawei Mate Band 4 Pro actually is a device that can keep up with more serious fitness junkies.


The Huawei Mate Band 4 Pro has the same style as the Huawei Mate Band 4, a slim fitness tracker with a 0.95″ AMOLED display and a textured rubber band.

Overall brightness of the band helps a lot when under direct sunlight, the AMOLED display brings out the advantage over an LCD screen.

Wearing It

The band strap has proper gaps for sizing, including a plastic buckle and extra free loop. It feels light and nice,  at only 25g its just enough to wear without distractions.

Navigation is simple with a touch screen that can do swipes, primarily up and down to navigate. The one touch sensitive button serves as a home or back button.


The Huawei Health App is integrated in Huawei Smartphones, and you can download it if you are using non-Huawei android smartphones. Pairing is fairly easy especially for first time pairing to a smartphone

Interface for navigating the health app is direct and easy, details for each excersice is also enough to understand with proper color labeling and even the sleep is divided properly.


Charging and Battery

Unlike the Huawei Mate Band 4 with a direct USB port to charge, the Band 4 Pro has a separate dock with 2 pins for charging. Charging takes less than 30 minutes for the 100mAh battery, which isn’t an hassle considering you would only do it once a week.

Battery life considering the notifcations from messages, 3x a week excercises, bright display, and monitoring got me 8 days of battery before reaching 10%. Enough for a week of heavy use, so you just have to remember to charge it once a week.


Given the price difference of 1.5k for the GPS and AMOLED display, it makes the difference of being regular to Pro. The lightweight form factor, accurate excersice monitoring, heart rate, and sleep is a great factor for everyday lookup of your activities. If you’re an active person, then we suggest you get the Pro version for a better experience.

Given the choice of choosing between the Mate Band 4 Pro or the GT Watch 2 is also a factor to also consider. You might want to upgrade for the built-in speaker, music and bluetooth independency, bigger screen, and even the constant heart rate monitoring.

If you want to get the Huawei Mate Band 4 Pro, it’s available via Lazada for Php2,990 with even a free Bluetooth speaker and also stores like Intogadgets, MemoXpress that can do shipping right now. Amid the COVID-19 enhance community quarantine, we applaud these stores who are serving customers as much as possible.