Huawei partners with Globe to deliver 5G speeds in the Philippines

    There’s no denying that 5G will be the future for wireless connectivity. In order to deliver 5G connectivity to customers, Huawei is giving Globe access to their 5G modems and devices.

    This partnership will allow Globe to use the Huawei 5G CPe Pro with their Home Air Fiber 5G. Thanks to its Balong 5000 chipset, the modem is able to achieve up to 7.5Gbps downlink and 3.5Gbps uplink speeds.

    Huawei and Globe will also allow its customers to experience 5G speeds in the Globe at Home Air Fiber 5G Glass Room located at BGC High Street Amphitheater.

    The exhibit shows off an interconnected home as well as the capabilities of 5G. You can even play games at an extremely low latency thanks to the included gaming PC.

    Globe at Home Fiber 5G is currently available in select areas in Pasig. It is expected that connectivity will expand to several more areas by September. Globe currently offers 20Mbps, 50Mbps, and 100Mbps plans for PhP 1,899, PhP 2,499, and PhP 2,899. All three plans will offer 2TB data caps per month.

    If you ever drop by the Globe at Home Fiber 5G exhibit in BGC, you can opt to give your information in order for customer service representatives to contact you when Home Fiber 5G becomes available in your area.

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