Huawei Trolls Samsung Galaxy S10+ in a series of twitter post

    With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, Huawei just trolled the Korean company with its “Next Generation” product as a “Standard” one. In a series of Twitter posts from Huawei, they mocked the Samsung Galaxy S10 series with even using its event key visual and calling the S10+ “Standard” against the Huawei P30.

    First is a post that the Huawei Mate 20 Pro having a triple camera setup, welcoming the Samsung Galaxy S10 series to the club.

    Which afterward, the P30 is promoted to have a powerful zoom capability as compared to the “Standard”.

    Not to mention the P30 having night shots that are impressive as compared to the standard. Notice how Huawei highlights the letter “S” indicating the blue color of Samsung.

    Next is the battery capacity of the P30 indicating a 4,200mAh battery capacity as compared to the 4,100mAh of the Galaxy S10+.

    Even the Wireless Reverse Charge of Huawei is forefronted against the same tech Samsung promotes with the Galaxy S10+. But what Huawei doesn’t have right now is an ecosystem of devices that can also wireless charge like the Samsung Buds, Galaxy Watch, Etc.

    March 26 is the date when the Huawei P30 will launch in Paris, we look forward to how this series will once again revamp the photography game same as how the P20 ridiculously changed the game.

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