Huawei Watch Fit Review – AMOLED & Fitness Centric for Just Php4,990

Smartwatches have been becoming smarter over the past few years, and even more affordable. One major player is definitely Huawei, their lineup of watching from basic ones to even premium ones have made them a leader in wearables along with Samsung and Apple. But this 2020, with the pandemic still affecting the lives of people around the world, it seems Huawei is able to adapt and introduce the Huawei Watch Fit.

The Watch Fit is a new form factor we’ve seen in a smartwatch. An affordable watch with a vertical 1.64″ AMOLED display with 326 PPI, mind you its bigger than usual square faces and even circular ones.

Even compared to the Huawei GT Watch 2, the watch fit has a taller display but slightly narrow. Of course, this is not comparing the build quality of the Huawei Watch GT having a metal body similar to real watches and even dedicated dial buttons.


So how does the new Huawei Watch Fit becomes a watch for “Fitness”? Our strap is a subtle mint green color on a silicon strap, while other colors include a black and orange that is exclusively available in Huawei’s Online Store.

The 1.64″ AMOLED display is simply inviting everytime you look at the display. Cause of it alone, the watch feels more premium as compared to LCD watches. Visibility in daylight is also good, and the touch interface is accurate even for fat fingers as the menu style is big enough to cater for all sizes.

The fit is comfortable, the strap is made of plastic materials in chrome finish. While the display is protected by a tempered glass but not classified what exatly it is. Everyday bumps didn’t lead to any major damages or scratches in our week of use. So its nice to know that it can withstand some beating.

It’s nice that the watch feels solid yet not cheap as compared to knockout smartwatches flooding the market for around Php1,500 (Don’t buy it, if you don’t want flase statistics measured as the one your paying here is the accurate sensor).

Pairing Experience

The Watch Fit was very direct for the benefit of pairing via the Huawei Health App, and we appreciate the fresh perspective of the taller display for more dynamics into the watch faces abd showing more data.

Even after pairing an update was available for easier setup and also we liked that most features are automatic and doesn’t need indepth adjustments.


Let’s go straight to the point, the dedicated workout routines guide you with an animated 3D model to show you and guide your workout. Ideal for people who are shy or need guidance in their form while working out.

Exercise modes include 12 fitness courses and 13 running courses, but the ones with the animation are the fitness courses.

Fitness Courses are the following

  1. Strengthen heart and lungs
  2. Advance Chest Workout
  3. Abs Toning
  4. AB Ripper
  5. Core Workout
  6. Leg & Glute Toning
  7. Leg Workout
  8. Reenergize
  9. Neck & Shoulder Relaxation
  10. Exercise at work
  11. Burn Fat Fast
  12. Full Body Stretch

Each course is explained of its intensity, purpose, and number of sets to conduct. So the watch alone can guide you to althroughout your exercise. No need to open the phone to check out each course, quite handy if you wanna zone out and just focus on your exercise.

Additionally the watch can also do SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) the recent hype feature of the latest Apple Series 6 watches. But this feature is actually seen in watches from other brands even before. SpO2 measures the effectivity of your oxygen in the blood, measuring your capacity for workouts or the current stage if you are out of breath. So you can assess better if you can continue into your workout or even before starting. Usually 90% or higher is a good sign, and doing nothing can lead you to 95%+

SpO2 is also an indication of measurement if you’re running out of breath, so measure that while wearing your face mask so you can prove that face masks isn’t bad for you.

Fitness Statistics

The Watch Fit still shows the same statistics as other Huawei Watches, we appretiate the wide range of data if can illustrate and even the date range from daily, weekl, monthly, and even yearly.

Aside from the Steps, Heart Rate, Stress we like the broken down sleep quality monitoring, although the details might be overwhelming. This is still a good way to monitor your everyday sleep, stress performance to remind you of your wellbeing. Might be even a good metric for people with hypertension. Overall, the same metrics as higher-end watches, and its nice that Huawei is bringing it even lower at this price point.

2 weeks overall of using the Watch Fit provided us ample data to see our  well being, we just wished that Huawei could have included already the friend system so you can compete with your peers in steps or even sleep? Similar to how Fitbit and Xiaomi Health are doing with their devices.

Battery Life

Charging is done via a magnetic port that is via a cable provided, don’t you dare loose the cable since the port is unique and probably rare to see for now. Additionally, the cable is only 0.5m long, quite short if you charge on a place like from the floor and placing on a table. So mind where you will charge the watch.

The Huawei Watch Fit ranges from 7 to 9 days with moderate exercise and notifcations alert. Pretty much decent for a smartwatch, but not as longrun as th GT Series. Still, charging takes only less than 2 hours which is ideal for us.

Major Concern

The Watch Fit’s silicone strap might be less anti-bacterial / hypoallergenic compared to the GT Watch 2. In our experience, we experience some skin irritation especially if you accidentally splashed alcohol on the strap and left it wet for some time.

No description available.

So make sure to always make your strap dry before sleeping or after insense workout applications. This most likely can prevent the problem mentioned above.

What’s Missing?

If you’re into smartwatches, we think the only thing missing in this pack is the ability to talk via the watch. Unlike the GT Watch 2 with its built-in speakers so you can use the watch as the communicator for calls.

Additionally, the Watch fit doesn’t have a full blown GPS module but only support. So for runners and marathon enthusiasts. So, you have to bring your phone with you should you want the GPS functionality to be active for your strides either running or cycling.


While the Watch Fit is nice, it still needs some adjustments for the extra touch of less annoyance. So our tips are the following

  • Set your do not disturb mode – You don’t want notifications keep on vibrating while you’re sleeping. So make sure to setup your DND mode schedule for a good well sleep.
  • Set the apps for notifications – Select the apps you only want for the notifications such as messenger, text so you don’t keep on looking at your watch if you got notifications from Lazada or Shopee (Yup, we get that too)
  • Set an Alarm – We’ve been doing the 4AM CEO habbit recently and its nice that a vibration can wake you up rather than a noisy alarm clock. We recommend to utilize this feature more as it can really change your daily routine.


Overall the Huawei Watch Fit is a complete package watch with long battery life, a bigger display and a nice AMOLED display to look at. Its wide range of exercises and customizations can is definitely a setting standard for an affordable AMOLED smartwatch.

If you’re serious about having a smart watch with AMOLED, then we reco the Huawei Watch Fit in your list. For just Php4,990 it already has most features you will look for a smaratwatch, and it won’t really burn a hole in your budget.