Human Behavior's Influence on Social Media Marketing – Hungry Geeks

Psychology has always been associated with science as it involves study how the human brain works. But who knew that the studies on human behavior can be used as a tool for a succcessful marketing campaign? Human behavior involves a complex process as there’s no one explanation to decipher the uniqueness and diversity of human behavior. But if one is able to tap the subconscious mind, it is easy to encourage them to support a brand by providing them with campaigns that captures the essence and likes of a person. And with the evolution of technology and globalization, it is now easier for businesses to reach their target market, especially with rise of social media. Modern technology has indeed made it possible for businesses to have an accurate metrics in terms of measuring and understadning the ever-changing trends of human behavior as well as encouraging consumers to engage with their brand. Want to know more? Here’s an infographic by M2Social, a social media marketing firm in the Philippines, that links Psychology to Marketing through 5 human behavior studies for a campaign strategy that your consumers will never forget.



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