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For past few years, mechanical keyboards have been a must-buy for all PC gamers. It packs with additional features mainly extra programmable buttons for easier access of controls. They are also more durable because with a lot of smashing of keys when playing games, you need a keyboard that can withstand your skill and rage when you’re losing a game.

But the main reason why gamers prefer mechanical keyboards is that they provide a unique feedback. It tells the user when they can move to the next key instead of watching the monitor if they have already registered already. It gives the gamers the benefit of faster response time.

They HyperX Alloy FPS mechanical gaming keyboard is one of the said keyboards that packs all of the benefits mentioned above. It is designed specifically for those gamers who are inclined in first person shooter games. Throughout the review, it gave us an amazing experience.

Right out of the box, you’d be surprised of the Alloy FPS’ relatively small footprint. There’s almost no edge around the keys which is ideal if you have limited space for both the keyboard and mouse in your desk. What surprised me is it is made up of solid slab of steel that makes it durable. I’m confident that you can drop it multiples without it even show signs of wear.

Portability and cable management is a plus here as the keyboard has a detachable USB cable, one USB charging port, and a nifty bag in case you want to bring your keyboard to a LAN party.

The Cherry MX Blue mechanical keys found in the Alloy FPS is one the clickiest and loudest keys that I’ve tried. The overall clicking feel of the keyboard did not disappoint. Whatever you’re doing albeit typing a Facebook status or playing Counter Strike Global Offensive, you’ll have a great time using the keyboard. Even if you’re typing a long essay, the long travel that you’d have to press doesn’t seem to be a bother.

If you’re really into first person shooter games, HyperX was kind enough to include an optional red keys to replace the standard A,W,S,D and 1,2,3,4 keys. They are a bit taller compared to the other keys so you’ll instantly feel the right buttons to press.

What I really liked about this keyboard is its lighting features. Although it only has one color option, the multiple effects that it comes with prevents you from getting tired of looking at the keyboard. It has 6 effects that can be easily switched to by pressing both the function keys and the left and right directional keys:





But that doesn’t mean that it has no downsides. Although it is perfect for gaming, they keyboard itself is not really ergonomic. I got used to keyboard with a sloping attachment at the back that I can rest my wrist on. The Alloy FPS might be a little less comfortable especially when you’re typing a long letter.


Albeit small and compact, the HyperX Alloy FPS mechanical keyboard is really great for gaming. Plus it also has a very reasonable price that sways everyone to buy it instead of those overpriced keyboard that has the same performance. With a price tag around Php5,000, it comes in under most mechanical keyboards out there without even sacrificing durability and features. It’s definitely a great deal for those who wants to try switching from a regular membrane keyboard.



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