InFocus projector brand enters Philippines smartphone arena | News and Reviews

We welcome new competitors in the smartphone area, more choices results to more competition and it all ends up to cheaper and more competitive prices!

InFocus a US brand more known in projectors, is seen in Memo Xpress SM Marikina branch where 3 phones were on display ranging from entry level to high end versions for as much as Php26,990. Now it may be shocking for some as a new brand will offer a phone with a price that high, but infocus generously included some bundles that are definitely worth looking for.

Let’s see the models here

1. Infocus M330

The M330 is a more reasonable smartphone for Php7,990 ,specifications wise are reasonable for the price. Though still at Android KitKat, perhaps the some concerns are the update support and service center.

2. InFocus M2 3G

Interesting for the Infocus M2 is the HD display for the 4.2inch body, this give its a remarkable 355ppi for a very small sized phone. Though the specifications aren’t that beefy for 5,990 with competitors like even the ZenFone C, Huawei Honor giving it a more value for money.

3. Infocus M810

The M810 is the company’s flasgship device powered by Snapdragon 810, though the specification are still considered up to date except for the RAM, we just can’t remove our eyes with the price. We have seen the actual unit on store and feels very light and premium thanks to its metal and dual glass sandwich body. No indications if its Corning Gorilla Glass but we think it is, the design at the back is very similar to the ZenFone circular finish or Huawei P8’s back.

Compared to the iPhone 6 Plus, the M810 is smaller in footprint and also thinner. Here are some comparison photos we have with the iPhone 6 Plus.

So that’s it for now, thanks to Memo Xpress SM Marikina for the warm accommodation in checking out the phone. We honestly think that the M810 is dangerously close to the Flagship of known brands, but if its given with around 10k difference in price then it will be considered more. Let’s just see if the Harman Kardon Onyx Speakers bundled is good enough to entice the consumers.

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