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Inside Out is another beautifully-made Pixar movie. An out-of-the-box animated film; Inside Out is the story of a girl with emotions trying to guide her throughout her life. The emotions are composed of Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Digust and the girl’s name is Riley.

Not going in-depth on to the cinematography, acting (voice-acting), Bill Hader’s unlimited depth in comedy, or other non-existent factors on an animated movie; let us go straight on the emotional and mental variables that made this one of the most relatable animated films I’ve ever watched.

Okay, so for many movie goers; watching a child friendly film in a movie house is not the most serene place to concentrate and enjoy watching a movie. Why? Think about it – kids are running around screaming; laughing out loud on jokes that they do not have a single clue what’s the meaning of; the fat kid behind you kicks your seat while eating a tub of popcorn noisily; his dad (forcefully asked by his mom to join her fat kid) is snoring or giving out stupid or wrong comments about the movie. My advise – catch the earliest screening or the last full show to avoid these hellish kids with no remorse in making you feel that you have no power over them.

I just got that off my chest.

Inside Out makes great use of hilarious actors for the five Emotions. Voice actors are composed of Amy Poehler (Joy), Phyllis Smith (Sadness), Bill Hader (Fear), Lewis Black (Anger), and Mindy Kaling (Disgust). Richard Kind was also hired to play as an imaginary friend Bing Bong. With those actors behind memorable characters; it’s so easy to get laughs all throughout the movie. You should watch out Fear’s and Bingbong’s lines as well as Sadness’ antics.

This guy is part cat, part cotton candy, part elephant and maybe part clown will make you cry!

With the laughs, comes the tears. Just like any other Pixar movie; the whole film has parts where morale values or understanding of the situation by the main protagonist is questioned. The tear-jerker comes when unlikely, but lovable characters shows of heroic and unforeseen traits that turns the story around with answers to dilemmas and solutions for climaxes. Just wait for it, tears will definitely come running down your puffy cheeks as fast as Vin Diesel riding with Paul Walker’ brother CGI face. If you are a grown man; please watch the movie in 3D to protect those sensitive tears from being seen.

These are the best workers Riley will ever have!

And like any other Pixar films, this one is easily digested and gives off that feel good feeling. A happily ever after conclusion is expected but will leave you wanting more. What ifs or cliffhangers awaits you at the end so stay tuned for a part 2! Yey!

Inside Out is slated for a short animated film by this year. This is already under post-production and should be released by the holiday season. With it’s success; it should be no surprise that a part two will be commissioned and will be out in a couple of years.


Inside Out is not a great movie, albeit a very good one. Well, all Pixar films are. They always have this habit of making good use of inanimate and non-existent objects as their main protagonist; in this case emotions; with human beings taking the back seat role. What gives Inside Out a different flavour is how they manage; well at least for me, viewers to somehow not like Joy, the main protagonist. I find Sadness, and Bingbong to be the more likeable characters; and I must say that I like all characters better than Joy. I MEAN ALL!

If I could sum up Joy in three words, it would be that she is an egoistic, selfish and controlling leader.  She controls Riley’s poor body, and provides only joyous memories. Not allowing any of the other emotions to mess with her plans. Evidently enough her character resembles Kim Jong Un and Riley’s body as a figure of North Korea.

This one is pure evil! Evil control board! Don’t be deceived!

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