iOS 9.3 will help you sleep better | News and Reviews

Apple has just released the beta version of their latest version of the iOS, and though the main changes are more for students and their education, there’s another feature that’s going to be nifty for everybody else. It’s dubbed as the “Night Shift,” and it changes the color temperature of the display itself based on the time and location of your device. It makes the screen use less blue light for you to see because according to research too much blue hue on smartphones will cause sleep problems if you’re using it before going to sleep.

Jailbroken iPhones and iPad had this feature way before iOS 7, it was a popular plugin called flux. It actually made its way to the official iPhones but was immediately taken down because of license issues. Apparently, Apple heeded their users and made the effect official.

Other added features also include private notes, which let you set notes as hidden where you can open them via Touch ID. It also has improved Apple News which features better recommendations and a landscape mode.

iOS 9.3 is currently in public beta so you can go ahead and sign up for it. Be careful though, expect to have a lot of bugs and problems upon installing.

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