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The iPhone SE is the newest iPhone from Apple. It looks like an old iPhone because it really is — it has the iPhone 5/5S’ body with all the horsepower found on the previous iPhone 6S. So yeah, it has a 4-year old design but don’t let the looks fool you, it’s a powerful phone.

With a small-body phone being released this year, Apple is basically telling everyone “Hey guys, you’re right, we still need a small flagship smartphone” as all devices nowadays are shouting “Bigger is Better” which does not suit everyone. It fills the shoes for those asking on what’s the best small form factor smartphone that doesn’t compromise on the spec sheet.

Design and Body

In my honest opinion, I still think that the 5/5S body design is still better than the rounded design found on the 6/6S. With the boxed body, it’s much easier to grip, hold and is very comfortable with the use of one hand.

But don’t get me wrong, I still would have like to see a design improvement if Apple is going to stick with the 5/5S design rather than just going with a new color which is Rose Gold/Pink. With that the only way you can determine that someone is using an iPhone SE is the Rose Gold color or that little SE badge found at the back of the phone which means “Special Edition”.


Before I got to use the iPhone SE, I was using the previous iPhone 6S and seeing such a small phone made me feel that I can’t use this at all. But it was actually not that hard because of its powerful specifications that come with it. It really gives me that nostalgic feeling of using a smaller phone — and I really want more.

One of the cons that I found on this device is obviously it’s screen size. It retains the same 4-inch screen found on the last iPhone 5/5S and it doesn’t match the same viewing and gaming experience that you’ll feel on larger phones no matter how good the iPhone SE’s performance is.

Now, performance is really not a problem at all. The iPhone SE has the same features found on the blazing fast iPhone 6S — it has the same powerful A9 chip and 2GB of RAM. So basically performance is a breeze here, everything is smooth even the transitions and multitasking is really not a problem.

The camera upgrade is also the same in the iPhone 6S which is great — a new 12-megapixel sensor and a slightly smaller aperture. It takes good similar photos and records the same 4K videos. There’s still no optical image stabilization but everything else is good enough. So let’s get this straight: it’s the best camera that can be found on every smaller smartphone.

As for Touch ID, it didn’t get the blazing fast unlocking features that are found in the iPhone 6S but it still gets the job done as the older fingerprint sensor is good enough.

The only noticeable feature from the 6S that didn’t arrive in the iPhone SE is its Force Touch feature. So no Force Touch shortcuts on the home screen and live photos are still present but utilizes long press to play instead.

One thing that surprised me is the iPhone SE’s battery life. It may have the same battery as the iPhone 5/5S but the battery is actually great, it lasted the whole day with light to medium usage. Guess we have to thank the new A9 processor for that as it manages the programs and apps efficiently.


So for about Php 24,000.00 should you buy it? Depends. It’s not for everyone, if you really want a small phone that packs a lot of horsepower, then this is the device that you want. But if you want the latest phone and more powerful phone, I suggest you go with the iPhone 6S as it comes with more features. You can also get this through Globe’s my Lifestyle Plan 1299 (with Php 200 cash out per month), it has 3GB worth of data, unlimited calls to Globe/TM and unlimited text to all networks plus an exclusive access to HOOQ and Spotify Premium for 3 months.



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