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We know that Samsung have been experiencing a slump since their mighty Galaxy S4 or even Galaxy S3. S5 and the phones release after that were selling like hotcakes as it once did with Samsung’s previous flagships. But is the S6 Samsung’s next big star?

Galaxy S6 is said to be unlike any other smartphones we have to date; but as the Korean giant tries to compete on a larger market against Apple; other well known brands that carries Android like LG;  local brands, and even Windows phones; is the S6 something that could again dominated the industry for Samsung?

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is rumored to sport a 5.1″ screen equipped with Quad HD capability, with a slightly bigger body than the former flagship, S5. Samsung is also said to be looking at giving the flagship a metal frame; although we are hoping that they’ll push for full metal/aluminum body, being along the same type as the A7 (hopefully without signal problems). It will come running with Android Lollipop on a powerful 64-bit Exynos 7420 chip under the hood; as the camera will be handled by a 20 megapixel Samsung-made device.  Apart from the hardware, applications-wise; reports say that the Galaxy S6 will be having Microsoft apps pre-installed which includes MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Skype, and a one year free subscription to Office 365. A big plus for all those who treats their phone as their super mini office.

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Case manufacturers like Spigen and Verus have also released rendered photos of Samsung’s next flagship, but no confirmation was made if those were real renders from Samsung directly. Although we really don’t care if those are the real S6s; the question still remain if this would get Samsung out of its slump.

Verus rendered S6 with Slimdot case

Our answer would be a doubtful no.

If those above (rumored specs) are the only things that Samsung is banking on to pull them out of their losing streak then it might be up to its marketing team to work double time. China brands are already pushing for nicely spec’d phones on a more budget friendly price; how the hell would Samsung compete? For bigger brands, you can’t really say anything with Apple’s iOS and Sony’s working hard to push glass-all-around built and water proof phones; while HTC and LG is also doing their own innovations. A big but is if this upcoming 64-bit, Quad HD flagship phone could have a bigger, longer and efficient power source then that is another story.

Admittedly, S6 is looking good, plus if they add the edge part, it would be even more cooler. But the last variable will always be the battery life. S5 had an average 2,800mAH battery and if the same thing went into the S6 then it just won’t work. With its size, we hope that the battery would be above 3000 mAH; even the LG G3 at Quad HD with 3,000mAH fails to keep people happy with the battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to debut on March 2 with the Mobile World Congress.

Are you excited with the upcoming Galaxy S6? Let us know if you think that the Galaxy S6 will again dominate the mobile phone scene.



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